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Why Do You Need Heating & AC Repair in Tyler, Texas?

Texas is known for a lot of things. It’s known for big hats, cowboy boots, the Alamo, its live music, and of course, hot weather. If you’re a Texan, you know what hot summer nights can be. And when you’re not outside enjoying a BBQ or live music, you’re probably inside trying o escape the heat and humidity Texas is known for. 

While most Texans have their own AC and heating units for warm weather and cold nights, you probably haven’t thought much about the maintenance of these units. No one really does until they’re standing in a house that’s 100 degrees and unlivable. 

Like any other kind of appliance or technology, heating and AC units wear down, break, or become obsolete. Without repairs or replacements, your home is going to be as hot as your bonfires on a Saturday night. The good news is that places like Tyler weather makers of Tyler TX can help you prevent your home from becoming too hot. They’ll help you keep it at the temperature that’s most comfortable for you so you can live in luxury in your own home. 

Unfortunately, heating and AC units can break down without you even knowing about it before it’s too late. The signs that your AC is in need of repair can be obvious or they can be so subtle that you may not know for weeks until your AC breaks down. Here are some of the subtle and obvious signs you should watch out for if you think your AC isn’t working properly. 

It’s making noise

This is among the obvious signs that something is wrong with your heating or AC. While all units make noise, a gentle hum when it first turns on, there shouldn’t be a grinding, clicking, cracking, or screaming noise coming from your walls. If your heating and Ac units haven’t made a sound the entire time you’ve had them, it’s a dead giveaway that something is wrong when they suddenly make a racket. 

You use your AC a lot, especially in Texas. You don’t want them annoying you with noise and you certainly don’t want the noise to mean that your AC is falling apart or broken. As soon as you hear a noise, you should call a repair man to take a look at the motor, fans, or ductwork that could be causing the noise. 


Did you know that your AC relies on a coolant or refrigerant to cool the air that’s blowing out of your vents? Well, you do now. If you notice a lot of condensation and obvious leaking coming from your unit, then more than likely it’s leaking this liquid. I always recommend checking yourself, if you know-how, to see if your coolant levels are low. If they are and there’s moisture on the floor around the unit, then it’s probably leaking. 

If there isn’t an obvious puddle of moisture surrounding the AC unit, there could still be a leak. The best way to check is to actually replace the levels of your refrigerant and wait. Check back the next day and see if there’s a puddle or if the levels dropped significantly. Then you’ll know for sure. 

Increased Electrical Bill or Oil Bill

This is one of those subtle signs that you may not always notice at first since it can be a gradual increase. Obviously, your electric bill fluctuates every month based on how much electricity you use. For example, if there was a heat wave that affected your area, more than likely you had to use more of your AC to keep cool. Likewise, maybe there was a day or two where all of a sudden it was cold and windy, and you used more oil (depending on how you heat your home) to keep your home comfortable. 

Both of these things would naturally increase your electrical bill. However, if events like these didn’t happen and you ran your AC or heat like you normally do, and increased electricity bill can indicate that your AC or heat is running more than it should be to change the temperature of your home. That means, it’s not as efficient as it used to be and it’s probably in need of repair. 

If you’re looking for more ways to decrease your electricity bill, click here

Decreased Air Flow

This is one of those instances where it could be obvious that you’re experiencing less airflow from your AC vents or it might take you weeks or months to notice this. Your AC and heat rely on the vents in your home to shoot out strong bursts of cool or hot air to change the temperature in your home to the desired temperature. 

If you notice your home isn’t heating up or cooling down as quickly as it used to, it’s probably because there’s decreased airflow. Check the vents in your ceiling and floors when your AC or heat is on to see if there’s sufficient airflow. 

It’s Age

This is another subtle sign that you need an AC or heating repairman to come to your home. Like everything, age will affect the efficiency of the unit. When my AC stopped working one summer, it was due to the fact that it was around 20 years old. It’s normal for technology and appliances to wear over time. If you have an A/C or heating unit that’s past its expiration date of 15-20 years and you’ve noticed that it’s having a hard time keeping your home at a certain temperature, then it’s probably because of its age. 

A repairman can help you find a new unit that’s best for your home’s needs and install it for you too. That way, you can get your AC replaced before it gives out. A/C and heating units will suddenly stop working if they’re on their last leg but if you use this list, you’ll hopefully see some of the signs in advance so you can get the ball rolling on your repairs or replacement. 

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