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What to Know About American Akita Dog

Dogs have been known through time to be man’s best friend. The relationship between men and dogs has dated back to the beginning of time, and there is no foreseeable thing that can come between them. 

There are different types of dogs, what we all know as species. There are over one hundred and fifty breeds of dogs worldwide, but in this article, we will be discussing just one breed: the American Akita Dog.

The Basic Akita Dog Breed Information 

The American Akita is a very powerful and large dog initially bred for fighting due to its sheer size. However, the times have changed, and so have the roles of this unique breed. Now, they are being bred for companionship and family protection. 

This breed dates back to ancient Japan, where they were primarily used for hunting boars and bears in different areas of Honshu Island. They are a modern breed, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

This breed has also been used in different roles, ranging from police work to their protective instincts, trainability, and intelligence. Its roots can be traced backed to Japan, where they were initially called “Akita Inu,” which translates to “Dog of Akita.” Generally, this breed has been considered to be the most influential and essential breed in history. You can check the Holistapet dog guide to learn more about this canine breed. 

Temperaments and Animal Nature

Although this breed is known for their affection and loyalty, they have a reserved personality and are warm when interacting with their owners. 

Below is a list of their little facts and temperamental traits.

  • They are loyal to their owners.
  • Known to be affectionate to their family.
  • This dog breed is highly always alert.
  • They are brave and intelligent.
  • They need early socialization but are usually aggressive toward strangers and even other dogs.
  • Are overly aggressive towards cats and are not great with other pets or children.
  • They are sensitive to noise and don’t like loneliness.
  • This breed is best suited for cold weather and are not comfortable in a hot climate.
  • They bark occasionally and shed daily or seasonally.
  • They can be prone to obesity when overfed.
  • They are playful and energetic, needing frequent exercise.

Physical Attributes

The males often stand at heights of about twenty-six to twenty-eight inches and weigh around eighty-five to one hundred and thirty pounds, while the females stand at about twenty-four to twenty-six inches and weigh around seventy to one hundred and ten pounds.

The Akita is a natural guardian, courageous, stubborn, and willful. They always fight to the end, never backing down from any challenge. They bark only when they have to and are very vocal. As vocal as they may seem, they are relatively quiet and aloof in front of strangers, naturally wary of them.

Exposing them to friendly people as early as possible will do the Akita pup some good as it helps soften their wariness. They have been known to carry things in their mouths, including the wrists of “their owners.” It should not be mistaken as a sign of aggression but a way to show their love and playful nature. 

They are smart enough to lead you to their leash when they desire a walk. Their unusual grooming habits are similar to that of cats, even though they hate them so much. They also stalk prey silently like their feline enemies, never giving any hint until they are fully ready to attack. This link has more information about the physical attributes of the America Akita. 


There are different marking types and colors that can be associated with this breed. These distinctive markings can be found on their faces, which sometimes make them look so fierce and scary, or on their bodies. These colors associated with them are:

  • Red.
  • White.
  • American Akita Coat.
  • Brown-black.
  • Silver-black.
  • Fawn-black.
  • Brown-brindle.
  • Red-black.
  • Fawn.

The American Akita dog has a medium to short, dense coat. This undercoat makes it suited for colder climates but thins out when the weather becomes hotter. The outer coat, usually called guard hair, is rougher and slightly longer than the inner fur. The ones with longer coats are generally more attractive and charming that way.

They are healthy dogs, but like every living thing, they are prone to some health problems like:

  • Hyp dysplasia.
  • Eye problems.
  • Bloat.
  • Obesity.
  • Skin Problems.
  • Hypothyroidism.

Training and Care Tips

If you want to have this breed, you will most likely need to learn how to train them because they can be brilliant. Feeding them good food can trigger their happiness and keep them fit and healthy. However, you may need to watch the number of calories they consume, or they may become obese. The type of foods you give dogs should be proportional to their weight and age.

Below are some surprising facts about American Akitas.

  • Before they got their name, they were referred to as simply “Snow Country Dogs.”
  • This breed has webbed toes that help them walk on snow by ingenuously distributing their body weight effectively.
  • When the weather becomes cooler, they seem to be more active than when the weather is hotter.
  • This breed is seen as a national treasure in their native country of Japan.
  • There is also a spiritual significance attached to this breed. It signifies happiness, long life, and good health.
  • This breed can groom itself to be as clean as a cat and are unusually orderly for dogs.
  • They have a strong bond with families and their owners, even though they may be tight with strangers.

You can obviously do more when it comes to caring for canines, and you can check here for tips specific to caring for America Akita. 

Take Away

There are different breeds of dogs, but this breed seems to stand out from the rest. Due to their intelligence, dedication, high level of energy, affection, and loyalty, it is no wonder they are rated very highly. Are you thinking of getting a dog soon? It wouldn’t hurt to try getting an American Akita.

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