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What Safety Measures Can You Incorporate In Your Living Room And Bedroom?

Naturally, the home is a safe abode. But, it is not really safe until and unless homeowners go the extra mile to add safety equipment in their living room and bedrooms. Homeowners generally spend a significant amount of their earnings to make their home beautiful aesthetically but might often forget to dig into the safety standards needed to protect their family. 

Families indeed enjoy spending time together for fun, conversations, and relaxing under one roof. Therefore, to ensure that fun times and comfort happen without compromising their safety, homeowners should invest in a few safety precautions. 

First and foremost: Being careful with the electronic cables

You may have stylish home decor with chandeliers and fancy lights, but have you considered clever cording? As a homeowner, you may have computers, televisions, and other electronic devices that satisfy your needs and entertainment, but they pose a threat much more than theft or robbery.

Electronic cables and cords have a dual-threat of strangulation and electrocution, especially if you have pets or children. If you have either, you must know how tiny hands can get hold of the loose cords lying around. So, the best solution is to keep the cables out of their sight and reach. The trick here is to organize the wires and place them inside a protective electric casing. When you keep the cords wrapped up inside a casing, it lowers the risk of a pet or child chewing on or latching onto them.

Another way to practice safety with electric cords and cables is to cover all unused power outlets by installing outlet plugs. This practice prevents curious fingers from poking the holes and creating danger for themselves or having to call an emergency electrician. Unsafe electronic cables can also be a fire hazard which brings us to the next necessary safety installation, fire detector. 

Fire alarms for protection against fire hazards

The next thing homeowners should address when considering the living room and bedroom security is fire safety. You may have a baby or a pet or just you and your partner living together, considering fire safety is one of the most important to watch out for. You should consider installing a pet gate barrier, baby proofing the fireplace, or simply keeping a fire detecting device rather than leaving it upon your luck. 

As mentioned previously, electronic appliances can cause fires when mishandled. Therefore, adding a smoke detector or an alarm in your bedroom and living room increases safety and security. As an additional safety feature, you can consider installing carbon monoxide monitors and smoke detectors. Such detectors enable a centralized response when the detector is activated. This means that in your absence a fire will send a crisis response to the nearest fire station.

Homeowner’s insurance in events of fire

Your house may be one of the most valuable assets you own and you would want to protect it against unfortunate events such as a fire. From fireplace mishaps to electrical issues, there’s a lot at stake in such accidents. This is why, in times like these, the first thing that owners often think about is what their insurance covers.

And the answer is somewhat simple. Insurance for homeowners typically covers your belongings and home—this means that it is crucial for you to know what your insurance policy covers and how much protection it provides in unfortunate fire mishaps. As much as we strongly recommend homeowners to install a fire alarm, here’s the next safety equipment that provides additional security. 

Anti-theft and robbery alarms 

The security and safety of your living room and bedroom are not limited to smoke alarms and outlet plugs. As a homeowner, you also need to consider security vulnerabilities arising from theft and robbery. Homeowners are advised to use a security system that has a unique alarm response based on their needs. For instance, central burglar alarms are preferable for living rooms given their centralized location and contact to the main entry door and several doors to other rooms.

However, if you have a balcony with glass doors accessible to your bedroom, you must consider installing an anti-theft alarm at the point of entry. If the glass doors are not sturdy enough, burglars can open the windows or simply smash through the glass to get in. This is why homeowners must consider installing motion detectors.

Moreover, glass break detectors are preferable in situations where you have picture windows or huge glass windows in your living room and bedrooms. Detectors are equipped to detect smashed glass within a large radius of the defector itself. As an added protection for larger houses, consider installing motion detectors that can effectively monitor larger areas. Sometimes, with added safety, homeowners install the following type of security specifically for their living room. 

Panic button alarms for living rooms and bedrooms 

Panic buttons are a piece of security equipment that you may or may not need depending upon your needs and the area of your home. There are different panic button options for your security systems. For instance, if you have seniors living with you, you should consider installing a panic button system that immediately sends a signal to the nearest hospital in case of a medical emergency. These panic buttons can especially prove to be useful in both smaller and larger homes. Panic buttons can also send a response to the police station. You can customize these buttons to create a discreet or audible siren. 

Create a plan to address bedroom and living room security

Even if there are only a handful of tips for helping you to improve living room and bedroom m security, it acts as a good starting point to keep your loved ones safe. By implementing some of these safety strategies and using the strategic placement of the equipment, you can make a significant difference in minimizing potential hazards. Try out a few of the safety tips to keep your living room and bedroom a place for relaxation and fun. Not every house needs the different types of security systems mentioned above. So, do your homework before investing your valuable money.

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