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Top 7 Ideas to Transform Your Regular Kitchen into a Modern One

Modern Kitchen

A modern kitchen is a dream utilitarian space for every homeowner. It’s something that lurks around the corner of your mind every now and then, but you can’t actually get around to fulfilling that wish.

Remodeling your kitchen isn’t a piece of cake as it requires an elaborate plan and hefty expense. And overall, it’s a daunting task that you might be postponing repeatedly.

But if you’ve finally made up your mind to transform your regular kitchen into a modern one, we have the top seven ideas for you to do that successfully.

1. Space out Your Kitchen

Since budget is one of the most concerning factors when transforming your kitchen, let’s learn how to renovate a compact kitchen— and on budget.

One of the trickiest ways to make your kitchen look more open and spacious is to have open shelves or cabinets. Usually, big cabinets block a significant amount of space in the kitchen, making your movement and chores difficult.

But replacing those with open cabinets or shelves will give you more access to your kitchen and make it look much more modern than it’s supposed to.

Moreover, if you paint the kitchen walls with warm colors like yellow, cream, etc., splashed with natural sunlight through the window, things will be bright and wide.

2. Go with Simple But Sharp Edges

Making your kitchen simpler may sound counterproductive, considering the aim we’re taking in this article. However, making something modern doesn’t always mean vibrant and heavy designs.

Rather, a carefully designed kitchen makeover will add sharp edges to your existing space. What you can do to have such a texture is add wooden designs to your kitchen.

Wooden panels and shelves can make your kitchen appear aesthetic in a mix of traditional and modern outlooks. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you put wood all over your kitchen in order to achieve a makeover.

You can still have a concrete countertop, vinyl pantry shelves, and colorful windows. Altogether, they will turn your kitchen into a perfect modern space.

3. Opt for an Exposed Brick Design

A state-of-the-art kitchen remodeling doesn’t always have to be outright modern in terms of appliances, walls, flooring, etc. You can always play with the individual designing aspects as far as your cross-designing imagination goes.

One of the best tricks to transform your regular kitchen is to keep the exposed brick walls just the way they are. You can go with a ‘complete brick wall’ design and a ‘partial brick wall’ design.

Most importantly, having exposed brick walls limit your expenses by making you not spend money on paintings and wall hangings.

All you have to take care of is having a kitchen island that perfectly matches one of the closest brick walls. A kitchen island is not only going to add a modern feature to your kitchen but give some more space for keeping appliances as well as dining.

4. Add Warm Lightings

Did you ever think that just by adding some warm lights, you could enhance your kitchen’s overall look? Warm lights between yellow and white can draw people’s attention and make your cooking space look much more inviting.

These wall-hung kitchen light units are available in many shapes and designs. You can do your own research to buy suitable ones from the market for your kitchen.

Proper lighting can also draw anyone’s attention to the glass-wood or open cabinets where the light creates an artistic view of your utensils, small plants, books, etc.

5. Being Symmetrical Saves Your Design

Most prolific kitchen designs go by one rule of thumb— symmetric design. It means placing each and every unit of your kitchen evenly in relation to the others.

To achieve a symmetrical design of your kitchen, make a focal unit around which everything else will be placed symmetrically.

For instance, you may take the sink as a focal unit and then make the other units prevail in precise measurement, including the island or peninsula, cabinet, stove, etc.

It may appear congested for many people if you have a compact kitchen space. However, a symmetrical design is the safest way to renovate or build your dream kitchen. It brings harmony to the space for doing all your necessary daily chores without much fuss.

6. Bring Wood into Your Kitchen

We’ve mentioned having a mixed wooden design in your kitchen, but this time, it’s exclusive wood. Wooden panels, flooring, walls, etc., may sound and look oldish or traditional; however, remember, it’s all about how spacious you can make it look.

If your kitchen is decent in size, then considering wooden designs may be safe for you. Nonetheless, having an all-out wooden design can be very expensive. You can mix plywood, particle board, laminate, etc., in the texture to reduce the overall cost.

Transforming your kitchen into a modern one may not always be about installing expensive modern appliances if you’re concerned about budget. Rather, having such a cost-efficient lovely wooden kitchen will give your house a peaceful cottage vibe that your guests would love to walk in when invited.

7. Keep the Color in Harmony 

Some modern kitchens are smeared and splashed with the same color tone everywhere. It may give the cooking zone a heavy and cutting-edge look, but mostly, it sometimes snatches away the warmness a family always longs for.

If you want to remodel your kitchen by keeping its coherence with your family, apply a mix of colors. But don’t go overboard by applying four to five colors to your kitchen walls, floors, etc.

Instead, maintain an opposite contrast of colors. For instance, color your cabinet dark blue or coffee while keeping the walls and floors white. This doesn’t take away the liveliness from the space while making it look more joyous and aesthetically pleasing.

Final Words

Ideas for kitchen remodeling are endless. You may not be an interior designer yourself, but plenty of kitchen remodeling ideas can change your kitchen into something you’ve desired to achieve for a long time.

We’ve shared the top seven ideas to transform your regular kitchen into a modern one. But you can always tweak between the ideas to get what you really want.

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