Top 5 Decor Ideas for Your College Dorm Room

The dorm room is a place where most students spend hours of their free time. Therefore, most learners try to make this place look stylish and comfortable. But what are the most budget-friendly and easy ways to decorate it? Discover the list of easy and handy ideas on how to make your room look cool and modern. 

Before You Start 

Searching for ideas for interior design and putting them into practice might take you hours and even days. You will need to look for the most fitting solutions, go shopping for additional decor elements, and combine different solutions. But what if you are too busy for all these activities? How to cope with all your academic assignments fast?

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Get More Light 

Staying in your dorm room during cold autumn evenings and busy nights before the exams should always be comfortable. Therefore, most interior designers recommend paying more attention to the light in your room. If you would like to make your space cozier, it is better to use warm light rather than cold light bulbs. Moreover, you can add some extra sources of light to your room. For example, you can hang an extra lamp near your place to sleep to get an opportunity to read in a cozy and relaxing environment when lying in your bed. 

Get Some Plants 

Plants can easily make your dwelling look stylish and bring more oxygen to your dorm room. It is better to choose plants that don’t require much care because you might be too busy for gardening. If you don’t have much sun during the day, it is better to shop for shade-loving plants. If you want to make your room look modern, it is highly recommended to choose pots for your flowers of the same style and color. This way, the interior will look solid, while the flowers will become a bright spot in your brilliant design. 

Buy A Mirror

The fact is that mirrors are not only good for checking your look, but they can also make your dorm room spacier. If you have limited free space, it might be a good idea to place a big mirror to make your dwelling visually bigger. To make your dwelling look classy, it is better to shop for peel-and-stick solutions. This simple trick will help you create a unique pattern on your wall. However, most interior designers don’t recommend placing mirrors in front of your doors or hanging any clothes on this accessory. Otherwise, your interior might start looking messy. 

Have A Small Carpet 

Carpets might help you entirely change the decor of your room. You can choose a carpet of different colors and textures that will make your room have a unique and uncommon look. Make sure to use no more than three different colors to decorate your room, and shop for a mat that will be a bright spot of the chosen pattern. Avoid making your room too colorful since many different patterns and textures might look flashily. 

Place Extra Shelves 

There is nothing new that most student dorm rooms have limited free space. However, if you want to use it wisely, it might be a good idea to place some shelves. First, you will be able to store your books, frames with photos, and other items in a handy way. Second, the shelves might make your room look unique and stylish depending on the accessories you choose to keep there. You might look for some creative ideas for the shelves’ decoration online and choose the most fitting solution that suits your taste and personal preferences. 

All in all, choosing the decor for your room is a pleasant and creative process. Don’t be in a hurry when shopping for decor, and try to imagine how your room will look like with this or that stuff. If you need more colors, you can buy a bright mat, pillows, or a cozy blanket that will keep you warm during the cold evenings. Moreover, you can place some photos of your loved ones and friends in frames of the same color and style, place some plants in creative pots, and add more light to your room.

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