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Tips On Moving Into a New House: The Complete Checklist

Of course, you must have put in years of hard work, experienced several challenges, and made countless sacrifices to accomplish your dream. Finally, all your effort haspaid off. Congratulations! You are now a proud homeowner. Surely, a wave of triumph washes over you as you stand proud in front of your new house, holding those shiny keys in your hands.

Now that you have accomplished this significant milestone, you may wonder what’s next. Moving houses is an exciting yet stressful life event. It consists of a lot of mini-tasks. During all the chaos, there is a high possibility that the most crucial tasks may slip away unnoticed. That is where a comprehensive moving checklist comes into play. It can help you stay organized, mitigate stress, and help you stay on top of everything you need to do.


That said, roll up your sleeves and start reading the below article that shares the complete checklist to make your moving process a lot smoother:

Decide How You Plan To Move

Answer this. How do you plan to move your belongings from the previous home to your new residence?

If you don’t have a lot of items or are confident in your abilities, you may go for a DIY move. All you need is to rent a truck, seek help from your friends or family members, and you are good to go.

However, if you have the budget and want to save yourself from the hassle, it’s best to research the best local movers in your area. Giving this responsibility to professionals will save you time. These professionals have the proper knowledge, tools, and expertise, so you can rest assured that they will do this task more efficiently, giving you much-needed peace of mind.

Get Rid Of Clutter

Moving into a new house means a fresh start. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to sort all your belongings and eliminate unwanted items. Doing so will keep you organized, cut down moving costs, streamline the packing, and overall reduce stress.

One best strategy is to sort your possessions into three categories: sell, donate, or throw away everything you don’t need anymore. However, there might be a few items that you are unsure whether to keep or toss away. In such cases, you can rent a storage unit for your belongings and keep them safe.

Make Sure You Have The Right Packing Supplies

You are all set to embark on this thrilling journey. But wait, do you have everything to conquer the packing process? Stocking up the right supplies will ensure you tackle the packing process confidently and efficiently.

When it comes to stocking packing supplies, you may think packing tape and cardboard boxes are the only items you need. However, that’s not true. It would be best to have other packing supplies, too. For example, you might need packing paper, bubble wrap, markers, color-coding stickers, scissors, a cutter, and much more. Having the right supplies by your side can ensure your packing experience is smoother.

Be Wise In Your Packing

Now comes the actual part of your move – packing. Unfortunately, it may take longer than you initially anticipated. So you should start as early as possible.

Moreover, before you start packing your belongings, create an inventory of your items. It is an excellent way to know if there are any duplicate items or if you missed something.

It is advisable to go room by room for packing. Preferably, start with less used rooms such as the garage, basement, spare bedrooms, etc. Also, remember to separate your important documents and valuables from the rest of the belongings and reduce the likelihood of misplacing them. Lastly, don’t forget to label your boxes. You can Buy Custom Labels to create personalized labels to ensure you know what is inside each box.


Don’t Forget To Transfer Or Setup Utilities

Picture this. You have finally arrived in your new home. Of course, you must be excited yet tired and want nothing more than a warm relaxing bath. However, as you stand before the shower, you observe there is no water. What went wrong? Chances are you forgot to contact the utility provider to set up the necessary connections in your new home.

Thus, before making the final move, don’t forget to call utility providers. Let them know about your relocation plan and decide whether you want to transfer or cancel their services.

Update Your Home Address

So you have made the necessary arrangements for utility services, but what about updating your new address? As soon as your move-in date gets confirmed, update your new address. That way, your important letters or mail will get redirected to your new residence, and you won’t miss out on anything important.

Thus, notify important places such as your bank, insurance provider, employer, your town council, and doctor about your move. Also, it would be good to inform your friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors about your new address.

Make Home Improvements, If Necessary

If you wish to have a safe and smooth transition into your new home, be sure to conduct a thorough walkthrough to get a clear picture of your new living space.

Ensure everything is in good functioning order and inspect for any issues that may have occurred as the previous occupant left. For example, test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, look for any leaks in the faucet, change the locks, inspect the HVAC unit, etc. List down all the issues, and schedule home improvement projects. Taking care of these projects before your final move-in day can save you from stress and frustration.

Summing up

No wonder moving into a new home is a significant milestone. You might want to ensure everything goes smoothly throughout the relocation process. Of course, the moving process is no walk in the park. Even the slightest mistake from your end can turn your excitement into a nightmare.

So to help you, we have shared a checklist of tasks you need to do before, during, and after moving. By ticking off everything mentioned in the checklist, you can confidently settle into your new abode and enjoy your new life.

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