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Tech It Easy and Create a Better Home with AI

For all its uses, it is also possible to create a better home with AI systems designed to make things easier. Advanced technology is now cheap and accessible enough that we can all enjoy the benefits. From mood setting to routines that can help the disabled there are tons of ways you can use AI to make your home more interactive. It can take time to configure certain systems and you will need compatible devices. Those aside, here are some useful ideas.

Let There Be Fine-Tuned Light

One of the most used features of an at-home AI system is lighting. It might not be cutting edge or at the forefront of the technology, but it is rather useful! You can install products such as Infibrite ceiling lights that work with popular AI virtual assistants such as Alexa. The beauty of these is that you can create custom lighting settings. Through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi you can also operate lights with your phone or even with voice control through common virtual assistants.

A Better Home with AI Mood Setting

AI tools are excellent for routines and patterns. In fact, this is the main way they learn! Because of this, it is easy to use AI systems such as virtual assistants to create the perfect setting for being at home. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular, with over 142 million users in the US alone as of 2022! You can set up mood routines with your phone or by asking your VA. This is useful when they are connected to systems such as music, TV, and lighting.

Smart Grocery Shopping

You might never have thought the day would come when you never had to go grocery shopping again! But the day has arrived. Using high end technology and smart systems, your fridge can do all the hard work for you! Sensors and monitors can detect when you are running low on something and need to restock. Smart fridges can alert you to the fact so you can pick up some more. However, you can also connect smart fridges to ordering systems for automated delivery!

Saving Energy and Resources

Smart fridges can help save money on food waste, which is great considering the costs these days. However, energy is also at an all-time high. AI systems can help you save money on energy usage with smart monitoring systems and remote control. For example, they can monitor the temperature of your home, like a thermostat. However, they can also control these systems automatically based on whether you are home, peak usage times, and an established routine.

A Better Home with AI Security

One of the best uses for AI we can all agree on is home security. AI systems are very advanced when it comes to security, and some of the earliest AI systems were designed for this purpose. Today, the tech is affordable and easy to use. Here are some of the best features of AI security:

  • You can use virtual assistants to automate lights and sounds and detect breaking glass!
  • AI security cameras can analyze movements and behavior for threat predictions.
  • Smart locks can be armed and disarmed remotely and alert you to tampering.
  • You can use biometrics systems like face scanning for home entry.
  • These systems can be linked together to form a comprehensive security suite.

Just a VA like Alexa can be used to maintain security when you are away by making it appear like you are home! However, you can also use AI CCTV to alert you to threats before something even happens. And if you forget to lock the door, don’t worry! You can use smart locks remotely.

Virtual Assistants and Entertainment

Ever had one of those days? It’s your day off, and you want to do nothing. Well, now you can. With the right VA systems installed and connected, you literally don’t even have to lift a finger to be the ultimate couch potato! Just by requesting it, you can get Alexa to change TV channels, play some music, and even tell you some jokes. So when you really want to be lazy, there’s an app for that! Of course, compatible devices are required, and you will need to configure them!

How About a Home Robot?

No, this isn’t science fiction! Home robots are available right now. Of course, they’re nothing close to Sonny from iRobot, but they are rather helpful. Your Roomba will look a bit dated next to some of these humanoid machines. Social, companion, and even security robots can help create a better home using advanced AI systems. Some are designed to entertain the kids and can even read books. Yet, it also isn’t long before we have the Sonny-like Tesla Optimus!

A Better Home with AI Routines

Routines are mentioned a few times above because they are so helpful. But while they are useful for anyone, they are even more so for disabled people. In the US alone, over 65 million people already use some form of assistive technology. AI routines can take it a step further. From a single voice request, your VA can unlock the doors, brew a fresh coffee, and turn on the shower. This helps reduce a lot of the extra effort it takes for disabled people to do simple tasks.

Use AI to Design Your Next Renovation

AI can be used to make the home more exciting, secure, and pleasurable. But what about making changes? You guessed it, there are now advanced AI tools that can help with home remodeling and renovation. And we’re not talking about recreating your home in The Sims here! AI tools for home design are more than CAD tools. They take into account geometry, the materials used, and even elements like the weather. BIM and even ChatGPT can help.


If only for controlling the lights, you can create a better home with AI assistants like Alexa. However, these systems are also highly useful for controlling home security. AI apps such as BIM and ChatGPT can also help with home renovations, design, and remodeling.

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