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Top Sauna Heater Brands Use 21st Century Technology to Provide Time-honored Serenity

Top Sauna Heater Brands Use 21st Century Technology to Provide Time-honored Serenity

Using a sauna to relax and revitalize is a tradition that dates back thousands of years. As long ago as 5,000 BC, members of Northern European tribes bathed in saunas as part of special rituals for purification, healing, honoring the departed and other purposes. Today, a sauna is just as integral an aspect of health and wellness, but modern sauna heaters are a world away from the wood fired ones of those long-ago times.

Brands like Haria, Finlandia and Saunacore are leading the way in making this centuries-old tradition better than ever. Their sauna heaters use ABB AF Contactors as part of their heating technology. These allow the sauna to operate almost silently, eliminating that irritating hum and adding to the serenity of the whole experience.

Sauna Heaters Explained

When choosing a sauna, the heart of the decision lies in choosing the most suitable type of sauna heater, whether it’s for a home or commercial installation. There are three main types to consider, each of which uses a different power source. These are electric, gas, or wood burning sauna heaters.

Each has its own qualities and characteristics, including time taken to heat up, energy efficiency and cost. The latter will, of course, vary depending on prices in your local area, but the following gives an overview of each.

Comparing Sauna Heater Types

Wood fired sauna heaters have been used for millennia, and are still popular today. Some people believe they give the most “authentic” experience, and while this is mostly psychological, there is undeniably something special about that crackling sound of a wood burner. This type of sauna heater is, of course, ideal in off-grid locations near lake houses or deep in the forest. It takes up to an hour to reach operating temperature, and is better for larger saunas, as it is not as easy to regulate the temperature as it is with electric or gas sauna heaters. Cost-efficiency depends on where you are and whether wood is in plentiful supply.

Gas sauna heaters can be fired with natural gas or liquid propane. They take between 30 and 60 minutes to heat a room to sauna temperature. Gas sauna heaters are considered both cost-effective and energy-efficient compared to electric or wood, and also have relatively low maintenance demands and costs. They are typically recommended for cost-conscious sauna owners who make regular use of their saunas, and are popular with large commercial users.

Electric sauna heaters provide that sauna experience at the flick of a switch. They are hard to beat from a practicality perspective, as they are up to temperature in a matter of minutes and can be set to your exact requirements with precision. You can also preset them to switch on at a set time, so there is no waiting at all. Many electric sauna heaters can even be switched on and set remotely from a phone app! People assume that the downside to an electric sauna heater is cost, but this is not necessarily the case. Of course, it depends on utility prices in your area, but recent research in Idaho showed that a 4.5 kW heater used four times a week cost less than $15 per month to run.

Using ABB Technology for the Best Sauna Experience

Harvia and Finlandia are two of the biggest names in electric sauna heater manufacture. They have chosen to use AF contactors in their latest sauna heaters serving the global market. These components, which are manufactured by Zurich-based technology company ABB, use an electronic coil control and DC-operated coil. These allow the units to function almost silently, without the trademark “hum” that is associated with AC control units. Matti Kivimäki, the Purchasing Manager at Harvia, told ABB’s media team that the ABB AF contactors are highly rated for quality and reliability. He added that their technical specifications were the deciding factor that convinced Hervia to make the switch to ABB components.

It might seem like a small detail, but creating a hum-free electric sauna heater could be the deciding factor in making this the technology of choice. Taking a sauna is more than just a form of relaxation and wellness therapy. For many it is a deep and even spiritual experience. A sauna heater that operates efficiently and without making distracting noises is clearly going to appeal to sauna users.

Furthermore, the marketplace for home saunas currently stands at about 15 million units and is growing at a rate of about five percent every year. Taking a sauna aids relaxation and relieves pain and anxiety. It can also help people to sleep better, and with every passing month, studies are revealing additional potential wellness benefits. These include using saunas to alleviate inflammation and even, potentially, to reduce the risk of contracting conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

In most domestic settings, if you are planning on installing a sauna as a DIY project in your home, electricity is the most practical, simple and user-friendly power source for a sauna heater. With this new technology, it could soon be considered the most serene sauna experience, too.

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