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Office Cleaning Products [Checklist]

Office Cleaning Products [Checklist]

Keeping a clean office environment is essential not only for maintaining a professional appearance but also for boosting employee health and productivity. Regular cleaning reduces dust, allergens, and pathogens, making the workspace safer and more inviting. A well-kept office also impresses visitors and reinforces the company’s professionalism.

To consistently achieve this level of cleanliness, it’s important to use a checklist of cleaning products tailored for office environments. This ensures all necessary cleaning tasks are covered, from daily surface cleaning to deep disinfection. With a structured cleaning regimen, offices can uphold high standards of cleanliness, benefiting everyone in the space.

In this article, the commercial cleaning company Think FM London will explore the essential cleaning products needed for maintaining a clean office environment. We’ll discuss various cleaners from multi-surface and mild non-abrasive options to disinfectants and specialized electronic cleaners, emphasizing their uses and benefits. Additionally, we’ll cover the selection and application of disinfectants and glass cleaners to ensure thorough cleanliness and professionalism in the workplace.

Daily Cleaners

For daily office cleaning, the selection of appropriate cleaners is essential to maintain a hygienic and visually appealing workspace. A variety of general cleaners are necessary to address the different surfaces and common areas found in an office environment.

Multi-Surface Cleaners

These are indispensable in any office cleaning supply. Effective on a range of surfaces such as desks, chairs, cabinets, and door handles, multi-surface cleaners help remove dust, spills, and fingerprints. When choosing these products, it’s important to opt for formulas that are powerful against dirt and grime yet gentle enough not to damage the surfaces. Many modern multi-surface cleaners offer anti-bacterial properties, which are beneficial in reducing the spread of germs, especially on frequently touched areas.

Mild and Non-Abrasive Cleaners

The use of mild and non-abrasive cleaners is crucial in an office setting to protect sensitive equipment and furniture finishes. Harsh chemicals can cause damage to wood varnishes, paint, and electronic device screens. Therefore, selecting non-abrasive cleaners ensures that these items are not only cleaned but also preserved over time. Products labeled as non-abrasive typically avoid ingredients that can scratch or degrade surface materials and are often recommended for electronics and delicate materials.

Specialized Screen and Electronic Cleaners

Given the prevalence of technology in offices, having specialized cleaners for electronics like monitors, keyboards, and phones is also vital. These cleaners are designed to be gentle on screens and electronic components while effectively removing dust, smudges, and germs.


Disinfectants are essential for maintaining a hygienic office environment, playing a pivotal role in the prevention of the spread of germs, especially in communal areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and meeting rooms. These areas are typically high-touch and high-traffic, making them susceptible to bacterial and viral contamination. Using effective disinfectants helps ensure that these critical spaces remain sanitary and safe for daily use.

Types of Disinfectants

Disinfectants come in various forms, including sprays, wipes, and liquids. Sprays are convenient for covering large areas and ensuring that hard-to-reach places are treated. Wipes are handy for quick clean-ups and are ideal for spot disinfection on surfaces like door handles, desks, and kitchen counters. Liquid disinfectants can be used in diluted form for mopping floors or cleaning larger surfaces.

Health and Safety Standards

When selecting disinfectants, it’s crucial to choose products that comply with health and safety regulations. This ensures that the chemicals used are effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens while being safe for humans and the environment. Products should be EPA-registered and should specify which viruses and bacteria they are effective against.

Proper Usage and Storage

Proper usage of disinfectants is key to their effectiveness. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on concentration, application method, and contact time to ensure maximum efficacy. Additionally, storing these chemicals in a secure, ventilated area and ensuring they are out of reach of unauthorized personnel is essential for safety.

Glass and Window Cleaners

Maintaining clean and clear glass surfaces, including windows, mirrors, and tabletops, is crucial in an office environment for several reasons. Not only do clean windows enhance natural light penetration, improving mood and productivity, but they also contribute to the overall professional appearance of the office. Specialized glass and window cleaners are essential for achieving streak-free results that ensure clarity and shine.

1. Choosing the Right Cleaners

It is important to select cleaners specifically formulated for glass and windows. These products are designed to evaporate quickly to prevent streaking and to leave a clear, spotless finish. They often contain ingredients like isopropyl alcohol or vinegar, which cut through grime and fingerprints effectively without leaving residues. Using the right product avoids the haze and streaks that can be left by multi-surface cleaners not suited for glass.

2. Non-Damaging Formulas

When cleaning glass surfaces, particularly those treated with tints or films, it’s crucial to use products that will not damage these sensitive areas. Many glass cleaners are now made without ammonia, a common ingredient that can degrade window films and cause discoloration over time. Choosing ammonia-free cleaners ensures that glass coverings remain intact and effective.

3. Application Techniques

For best results, use a microfiber cloth or squeegee to apply glass cleaners. These tools do not only provide superior cleaning efficiency but also reduce the chances of scratching the glass. Spraying the cleaner directly onto the cloth rather than the glass can help control the amount of liquid used, minimizing dripping and the potential for streaks.

Floor Care Products

Effective floor care is vital for maintaining the appearance and longevity of office space, which can vary widely from carpets and hardwood to tile. Each type of flooring requires specific products and equipment to ensure it is cleaned properly and maintained in good condition.

Carpet Care

Offices with carpeting need vacuum cleaners that can handle daily debris and potential stains. In addition to regular vacuuming, carpets may require periodic shampooing or steam cleaning to remove deeper grime and maintain hygiene. Spot cleaners are also essential for addressing spills quickly to prevent staining.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors require special attention to avoid damage while cleaning. It’s important to use cleaners specifically designed for hardwood, which clean without stripping the natural oils or damaging the finish. Polishes can also be used periodically to enhance the shine and protect the surface. Microfiber mops and soft brushes should be used to avoid scratching the wood.

Tile Flooring

Tile floors generally require less delicate care but can show dirt easily, especially in grout lines. Using a pH-neutral floor cleaner can prevent the tile from becoming dull. For deeper cleans, especially in high-traffic areas, heavy-duty cleaners may be necessary. Additionally, mopping with microfiber mops can efficiently clean and reduce water residue that can make tiles slippery.

Equipment for All Floor Types

Regardless of the flooring type, having the right mops, brushes, and cleaning solutions is crucial. High-traffic areas may benefit from more robust cleaning tools, like electric floor scrubbers or heavy-duty polishes, to handle the increased wear and tear.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners play a crucial role in maintaining a pleasant and welcoming office environment. A fresh, clean-smelling office can enhance the comfort and productivity of employees and create a positive impression on clients and visitors. However, selecting the right type of air fresheners is important to accommodate the preferences and health needs of a diverse workforce.

Selection of Scents

Choosing the right scents for an office environment requires careful consideration to ensure they are not overpowering or offensive to anyone. Light and neutral scents such as linen, light citrus, or mild floral are generally well-received and less likely to cause discomfort. It’s advisable to avoid strong or polarizing fragrances that might be intrusive or distracting during the workday.

Hypoallergenic Options

With the prevalence of allergies and sensitivities, opting for hypoallergenic air fresheners is essential. These products are specifically formulated to minimize potential allergic reactions, making them safer for use in a shared environment. Hypoallergenic air fresheners often avoid using harsh chemicals, opting instead for natural fragrance sources and safer, less volatile compounds.

Non-Intrusive Delivery Systems

The method of fragrance delivery also plays a significant role in how air fresheners impact an office space. Devices that provide a continuous, subtle release of scent are preferable to those that emit strong bursts of fragrance. Options like gel fresheners, passive air freshener units, or essential oil diffusers can provide a constant, understated scent that is generally more acceptable in an office setting.

Specialized Products

In today’s office environments, where electronic equipment like computers, printers, and phones is ubiquitous, the need for specialized cleaning products is essential. These devices accumulate dust, fingerprints, and germs but require gentle handling to avoid damage.

Electronics Cleaners

Specialized cleaners designed for electronics are formulated to safely clean without risking harm to the equipment. These products typically do not contain harsh chemicals that can corrode or damage sensitive electronic components. For example, solutions specifically made for screens help remove smudges and dirt without streaking or scratching. It’s important to use sprays that are applied to a cloth first rather than directly onto the device to prevent moisture from entering the equipment.

Keyboards and Printers

Keyboards can harbor more bacteria than most office equipment due to frequent contact. Compressed air dusters are highly effective for removing debris from between keyboard keys, while gentle disinfecting wipes can be used to clean the surface without damaging the underlying mechanics. Similarly, printers require regular dusting and wiping to keep them in good working condition, using products that won’t interfere with mechanical functions or print quality.

Customized Cleaning Kits

Many offices benefit from customized cleaning kits that include everything needed for routine maintenance of electronics. These kits often contain microfiber cloths, screen cleaners, compressed air, and gentle disinfecting solutions, providing a comprehensive cleaning regimen for sensitive equipment.

Eco-Friendly Options

The demand for environmentally friendly cleaning products in the workplace has surged as businesses become more aware of their ecological impact and the health benefits these products offer. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are designed to minimize harm to the environment and human health, playing a crucial role in sustainable business practices.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Eco-friendly cleaning products typically have a smaller carbon footprint compared to their conventional counterparts. They are often made with biodegradable ingredients that break down more easily in the environment, reducing pollution and waste. Additionally, these products are frequently manufactured using sustainable practices, including reduced energy consumption and waste production, further lessening the overall environmental impact of their use in offices.

Safer Work Environment

By using cleaning products that are free from harsh chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, and certain solvents, workplaces can significantly improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of respiratory problems, skin irritation, and other health issues associated with toxic substances. These gentler alternatives provide effective cleaning without the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which contribute to air pollution and can be detrimental to health.

Educational and Cultural Impact

Incorporating eco-friendly products into the office cleaning regimen also sends a positive message to employees and visitors, demonstrating the company’s commitment to health and environmental stewardship. This can enhance company culture and encourage employees to adopt similar practices in their personal lives.

Storage and Safety Equipment

Proper storage and the use of appropriate safety equipment are critical aspects of maintaining a safe and efficient workplace when it comes to handling cleaning supplies. These practices not only ensure the safety of the personnel using these products but also help in prolonging the life of the cleaning supplies themselves.

Proper Storage of Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning products should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent degradation of ingredients, which can reduce effectiveness and potentially release harmful substances. It is also important to keep these products out of reach of unauthorized personnel, particularly in environments where children might be present, such as schools or daycare facilities within office buildings. Proper storage involves using original containers with clear labeling and secure lids to avoid spills and confusion about the contents, which could lead to accidental misuse.

Use of Protective Gear

When handling cleaning chemicals, even those that are eco-friendly, it is essential to wear appropriate protective gear. Gloves protect the skin from direct contact with chemicals, which can cause irritation or allergic reactions. Masks should be worn to avoid inhaling fumes, especially in poorly ventilated spaces. Depending on the strength and nature of the chemicals being used, additional protective equipment such as goggles or aprons might also be necessary.

Training and Awareness

Ensuring that all personnel are trained on the correct handling and storage procedures for cleaning products is fundamental. This training should include what protective gear to use, how to handle spills safely, and the importance of following the manufacturers’ guidelines for use and storage.


Maintaining a well-stocked supply of cleaning products is crucial for keeping an office environment clean, healthy, and professional. Regular inventory checks are essential to ensure that all necessary products are available and in good condition. This practice not only facilitates a seamless and effective cleaning routine but also prevents the disruption that can occur from running out of supplies. By keeping a vigilant eye on inventory and ensuring that cleaning tools and products are well-maintained, offices can uphold a standard of cleanliness that promotes a better working environment for everyone.

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