19 Gorgeous Kitchen Open Shelving That Will Inspire You

Inspiration and ideas for kitchen open shelving to help you create a beautiful and functional space in any style.

You can renovate your kitchen with open shelving to give it a more functional and attractive look. In this way, you’ll have better space for movement and increase your motivation to cook hearty meals for your family.Additionally, it’s less expensive, which is handy when working with a tight budget.

Regardless of open shelving’s numerous advantages, note that you can have both custom cabinets and open shelves in the same space. Check out the gorgeous kitchen open shelving ideas that can inspire you.

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1. Open Wall Shelves

Leave cabinets and shelving space open. By doing this, you can show off your kitchenware, like that you can find on ArchiPro.

Open Wall Shelves

via www.apartmenttherapy.com

2. Open Kitchen Shelves Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse open shelves. The wood shelves against the white planked walls and the marble counter tops make a stunning focal point.

Open Kitchen Shelves Farmhouse Style

via houseofturquoise.com

3. White Open Shelves

All white shelves blend into the white wall leaving the kitchen bigger and you can create an accent with simple dishes and utensils.

White Open Shelves

via sarahshermansamuel.com

4. Suspended Brass Shelves

Make your kitchen fashionable and trendy by using brass as a material.

Suspended Brass Shelves

via www.birminghamhomeandgarden.com

5. Open Shelves & Kitchen Hood

Integrate the kitchen hood into cabinets by installing open shelves.

Open Shelves & Kitchen Hood

via athomearkansas.com

6. Dark Paint Turn Open Shelves Into Tiny Backdrops

If you decided to create open shelves by taking the doors off your existing cabinets, try painting the back of the shelves a dark contrasting color to make your pottery really stand out​.

Dark Paint Turn Open Shelves Into Tiny Backdrops

via www.designsponge.com

7. Open Shelving Over Windows

Run transparent glass shelves across a window and fill them with beautiful objects that will catch the light.​

Open Shelving Over Windows

via www.mydomaine.com

8. Open Shelf Rack

A full wall-length of open shelving to store the family’s kitchen supplies and machinery.​

Open Shelf Rack

via www.designsponge.com

9. Open Wood Shelves Kitchen

Frame a kitchen window with open shelves without making it look too tight.

Open Wood Shelves Kitchen

via www.thekitchn.com

10. Boho Kitchen Shelves

Boho Kitchen Shelves

via www.thejungalow.com

11. Reclaimed Barn Beam Shelves

Consider adding small shelves to available small spaces for extra storage and accent​. The shelves are made of reclaimed barn beams.

Reclaimed Barn Beam Shelves

via www.designsponge.com

12. Rustic Open Shelves

Open shelves line the wall between the stove and sink​

Rustic Open Shelves

via www.remodelista.com

13. Beautiful & Functional Kitchen Shelves

Open shelves on either side of the stove and next to the sink. The shelves were made with metal tubing and salvaged Indonesian hardwood.​

Beautiful & Functional Kitchen Shelves

via www.hgtv.com

14. Colorful Shelves

Brightly colored shelves in bohemian-chic kitchen. Color provides uniformity and a clean look, no matter how bold your color choices are.​

Colorful Shelves

via adriaanlouw.co.za

15. Open Shelving with a Theme

Display things that look good together. Pick colored dishes, your favorite antique items, teacups or anything else that will look good together

Open Shelving

via www.kitchensourcebook.co.uk

16. Open Shelving Idea

Take advantage of the space above islands, bar carts and bookshelves for extra storage, but make sure it still looks stylish and clean​.

Kitchen Shelving Idea

via www.mydomaine.com

17. Rustic Wood Shelves

Industrial-look shelving made from plumbing pipes and reclaimed wood offers plenty of open storage above the cabinets.

Rustic Wood Shelves

via www.hgtv.com

18. Baby Blue Oven and Open Shelving

White kitchen with a baby blue oven and open shelving.

Baby Blue Oven and Open Shelving

via rockmystyle.co.uk

19. Brick Wall with Built in Shelving

Wooden shelves blend into the brick wall.

Brick Wall with Built in Shelving

via www.deucecitieshenhouse.com

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