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How To Make Your Home Cozy? Secrets From Interior Designers

Sometimes even stylish design can get boring. But don’t do the same repairs every time this happens! Most often, a small update is enough – the whole interior will feel different.

The colder it is outside, the more you are drawn to home decor and textile stores to buy soft blankets, wicker baskets and fluffy slippers. But are the right accessories the only guarantee of a homely warm interior? We tell you how to make your home cozy in traditional and unexpected ways.

Do you want to learn how to make your home more comfortable with your own hands? Here are some ideas for you to inspire.

  1. Go for a muted color scheme

This should not be the reason that bright environments cannot be cozy. However, it is monochrome, nuanced interiors that we perceive as the most serene, pacifying.

  1. Think of several lighting scenarios

Even elaborate artificial light, alas, will not make up for the lack of natural light, but it will help in the design of an atmospheric, intimate atmosphere. Think over the top and bottom light, use dimmer lamps with adjustable illumination degree, complement the interior with lighting, floor lamps, sconces – the more diverse the scenarios, the easier it is to create comfort in the house.

     3. Fill in the blank walls 

Adding wall art designs can instantly change the cold atmosphere of a room or the house in general. Styling the canvas art in your space helps to add personality, this can be done by making sure to choose wall art that is not only creative, but also reflects your family and their values.

If you want your space to look cozy, it truly needs to speak to you and to your family, so take your time to dig in and choose carefully the art that would fit better for your house.

     4.Pick a comfortable sofa in the living room

Comfortable means large and at least three-seater, soft, with a seat from 75 cm deep so that you can sit down with your legs crossed and put a pillow under your back. From upholstery fabrics, textiles, suede, velor, nubuck are suitable.

5. Diversify the furniture with specific items

Do not stop at the basic set of furniture: there is so much home warmth in decorative and not the most necessary, at first glance, items!

The kitchen can be supplemented with a sideboard for storing beautiful dishes in front of everyone, the bedroom with a wide footboard, and instead of the usual coffee table in the living room, pick up a wide soft bench.

6. Collect two sets of seasonal fabrics, dishes, accessories

Like a wardrobe or tires in a car, curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, kitchen sets, bathroom dispensers, even paintings and art objects can be summer and winter. Let the winter set consist of dull shades and dense textures, summer fabrics, accessories and other items – from something light, fresh. Wind Chimes are a wonderful idea for interior design.

7. Showcase the library

E-books have a lot of advantages over paper ones, but the latter definitely win in terms of atmosphere, if only due to typographic smells and page rustling. Also, books are a very proper decor: they will indicate the interests of the owner of the library and add a sense of habitation to the room.

If most of the books are still stored on a smartphone, order dummies with beautiful spines: the external effect will be the same.

     8. Find your home scent

Many people forget about this detail, but in vain: a truly cozy home should have its own aroma. If it is comfortable to be among the subtle smells in the air, choose sachets, perfumed paper, aroma dehumidifiers, dried flowers. If you like something more intense, diffusers, aroma lamps, candles, perfumes will do.

As with seasonal items, you can pick up winter and summer scents and alternate them according to the weather.

     9. Complete the decor with throws and throw pillows

Soft woolen or fleece blankets are good both casually thrown over the back of the sofa, and folded. And with the help of pillows, you can achieve not only the effect of a relaxed, homely interior, but also emphasize some shades of the situation.

5 ways to decorate your bathroom

  1. Glue wallpaper in dry areas or tile the walls under a “residential” wallpaper print.
  2. Provide heavy curtains for the bath with pickup, as in the living room or bedroom.
  3. Place a pair of sconces with textile lampshades near the mirror.
  4. Complete the decor with a pouffe or a banquette.
  5. And never leave bottles of cosmetics and detergents in sight.

What about countryside house?

Gloomy weather and a long off-season have shaped the desire of Danish housewives to turn their home into a warm cocoon, filling it with comfortable, tactile things. The desire for comfort in Denmark is something hereditary, and the national lifestyle philosophy of hygge teaches you how to create comfort in the house with your own hands using simple, almost improvised means.

Aged textures. One or two vintage items with traces of time on the surface will indicate that the house is inhabited, and its interior was created by more than one generation – even if it is not. Choose wood textures, metals, glass – these materials age beautifully.

Textile in the style of a chalet. The Danes love to decorate their homes with fur capes, fluffy blankets, large-knit bedspreads, and jute carpets. Take note of this express technique for decorating a warm winter interior.

Crockery and handmade ceramics. Saucers, mugs, figurines and other craft items with cute flaws will remind you of village life, unobtrusively add country motifs to the interior.

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