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This Is How To Install & Maintain The Perfect Paved Patio

This Is How To Install & Maintain The Perfect Paved Patio

Paved patios offer an impressive range of benefits over other types including excellent versatility, and aesthetics and requiring less maintenance once installed. Indeed, choosing a paved patio is an excellent option for any homeowner looking to improve their outdoor space and add value to their home. The good news is you can find out everything you know about how to both install a beautiful paved patio and maintain it once it has been laid in the post below. Read on to find out more.

Stage One: Designing your paved patio

Design Factors

Before you do any other task associated with installing a paved patio you need to consider several factors that will impact your design choices.


The first of these factors is functionality. Remember a patio is designed to be used, so you will need to consider what you want to use yours for. Will you be hosting BBQs or alfresco family parties, or is it more important to provide a safe, flat space in which your children or pets can play?


Next, you will need to consider the aesthetics of your paved patio. You’ll want your outdoor space to look as clean, tidy and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Have you considered the shape of the patio you will put in? How big will it be? Where it will sit, and the type of pavers you will use (check out the section below for a guide on the different types on offer)?


Another important consideration when designing your paved patio is the budget you have to work with. After all, there’s not much point in choosing the most expensive style of pavers only to realize that you don’t have enough money left in the bank to complete the job!

Types of Paving

You probably already know that there are many different types of patio materials on the market including gravel, stone, and concrete. However, paved patios are particularly popular due to their look, longevity, and how easy they are to maintain. Indeed, there are several different types of paving that you may wish to consider when designing your patio including the ones you will find below.

Brick pavers (block pavers)

Brick paving, aka black pavers as they are also known is a wonderful way of creating a practical and yet also decorative surface for your patio. One of the biggest benefits over other types of paving is that if a single brick becomes damaged or worn it can easily be removed and replaced without having to repave the entire patio.

Limestone Paving

Made from natural stone in a wide range of colors limestone paving could be just what you are looking for when designing your patio. Limestone paving is also an eco-friendly choice because they is not only biodegradable, but can be recycled, and requires fewer fossil fuels in its manufacturing than other types.

Porcelain Paving

Crafted from a mix of clay, water and minerals porcelain paving is not as delicate as it sounds. Indeed, porcelain paving can be very durable because it’s fired at a very high temperature during the manufacturing process. Also because it’s made from a composite of different ingredients porcelain paving can be made in a wide range of colors to suit your aesthetic needs.

Stage Two: How to Prepare Your Site for Paving Installation

After you have completed the design work needed for your paved patio, you will need to progress on to the preparation work. Indeed, it’s crucial that you properly prepare the ground on which you will lay your patio, otherwise, you could risk a less-than-perfect result!

Mark Out Space for Your Patio

The first step is to make sure you physically mark out the area that the patio will take up in your outside space. To do this you can use stakes with twine attached. You must make sure that your measurements and angles are correct at this stage because it can save you a great deal of time, materials and heartache later on.

Clear the Area

Once you have marked out the space needed for your patio you will be able to see the area which it will cover. Your next task is to then clear this area which may be covered with grass or house an old patio that needs removing before you can lay the new one.

Remove the Topsoil

After clearing the area in which your patio will sit, you will need to dig down and remove the topsoil. Do this with a spade and dig to a depth of around 6 inches. Be sure to remove any weeds, roots, and plants from the area too.

Level the Surface

Next, you will need to level the soil surface on which your patio will sit. This is vitally important because if the surface is not level your patio will not be level and this will not only look bad, but cause all sorts of problems such as improper drainage. To level the surface of the soil you will rake the area.

Compact the Area

Once you have leveled the base for your patio you will need to compact the soil to provide a study base. To do this you can use a plate compactor machine which you can hire for the day. Alternatively you can do it by hand but it is hard work and will take a significant amount of time. Be sure to check the slope of the soil again after you have compared it to ensure it’s flat.

Lay at Sub-base and Bedding Layers

After compacting the area you can lay a subbedding layer at around 4 inches deep. After this, at a depth of 1 inch you’ll need to put down a bedding layer of sand on which your patio will directly sit.

Congratulations you have now completed the prep work for your paved patio and can progress to installing the patio itself.

Stage Three: How to Install a Paved Patio

Cut the Pavers to Size

To begin laying the paved patio you will first need to cut the pavers to size. Indeed, unless you are laying a square or rectangle that perfectly fits the pavers you have chosen there will need to be plenty of cutting to size to complete your design. For this task, you can use an angle grinder with a masonry disk, or a masonry saw. Always use the proper protective gear including safety glasses, and a breathing mask when cutting your paving stones.

Lay the Paving Stones

Once you have all the pavers you need cut to size you can begin to lay them on the sand base you have already put down. To do this successfully you will need to make sure that the gaps in between the paving stones are small. Achieving this can be done by tapping the stones into place with a hammer, using a piece of plywood to protect the stone.

Fill the Joints in with Sand

After laying the paving stones you will want to fill in joints with fine sand. Sprinkle sand onto the pavers and these use a broom to sweep sand into the joints, and remove any excess. Your patio is now complete!

Stage 4: Protecting and Maintaining Your Paved Patio

Protecting Your Paved Patio

Once your patio has been installed you’ll want to give it some time to settle and ensure it’s nice and flat. This usually is completed by around the 6-month mark. After this time you can find a specialist offering paver sealing services in your area. They will then come and spray your patio with protectant which will guard it from wear and weathering, and increase its lifespan. By treating your paved patio in this way you can ensure it lasts and looks great for the longest time possible, which also means you won’t need to go through the cost and effort of the steps above for a long time too!

Maintain Your Paved Patio

In addition to protecting your patio, you’ll need to complete some basic maintenance on it from time to time as well. Important maintenance tasks including regular sweeping so dirt and debris never get a chance to build up on your patio, staining its surface.

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