How To Give a New Look To Kitchen Walls

The kitchen is the most used area of your home, so it should reflect your personal style and serve the needed functionality. Whether you want to refresh the decor of the kitchen or want to redesign it, wall decor is important. 

Update walls of the kitchen with stylish, durable, and practical decorative items without making any compromise on the look.

Here is the list of 8 stylish ideas to give kitchen walls a new look.

Display your Glassware

Placing a collection of glassware on trending shelves makes a stunning wall decor. Glassware should not be hidden in cupboards as they are great for kitchen decor. The mismatched sets of glasses will reflect different colors and styles making the kitchen look vibrant.

Opt for Wallpaper

Wallpaper is becoming a popular decor trend these days. The best part is that it is easy to clean, apply and remove. You can use stylish wallpapers to give a different look to the kitchen.

This option is both decorative and fashionable which enhances the visual appeal of your cooking area. Many designs are available from floral, textured, digital, foil, plain, metallic, to landscapes, and wildlife. You can choose from a variety of options according to the theme of the kitchen in your mind. 

Do Not Forget a Wall Painting  

Kitchen wall painting should include bold colors or should be plain with neutral tones. House owners should experiment with flower wall paintings in the kitchen area to give it a new look. For example, by adding a large flower painting you can update the interior in a unique way. You can also check more paintings in the market for your kitchen. 

Plastic and Acrylic Paint

Painting the kitchen walls is not the first choice for anyone, as it will face moisture problems. However, acrylic paints are moisture-resistant, easy to clean, and add rich, bright colors to your kitchen walls.

As they are easy to clean and low cost make them popular in markets. However, this paint is not as durable as other wall coverings. But people still opt for these paints as they are stable with more color options to choose from. 

Create a Gallery Corner

If you feel the need to fill a corner of the kitchen, fill it up with a mix of prints, plants, books, or things you have at home. 

By this, you will create a gallery wall that will add character to the kitchen. Give a nice touch to kitchen walls by adding your creations. You can mix and match various types of wall prints on the large blank wall in the cooking area. 

Further, to give it a personal touch, you can add your travel photo prints or your family images to the wall of the kitchen. This will give a unique look to your kitchen and make it look trending as well. You will love to cook food in a personalized space. 

Open Storage Shelves​​

Open shelves are in trend and look great in every style of kitchen. Keeping crockery and glasses next to the sink makes arranging the shelves again a much easier process.

 It is a great way to showcase your favorite wine glasses and the best crockery pieces on display. Using kitchen walls with open shelves frees up drawer space and you can utilize it in a more practical way.

Using kitchen walls with open shelves frees up drawer space by utilizing it in a more practical way. The styles of shelves and storage units can take the decor of the kitchen to the next level. It is an amazing way to amp up the interior of an old-style kitchen.

Display Colorful Pots and Pans

It acts as a good space-saver and a way to fill a blank canvas of a kitchen wall with colorful pots and pans. Hang pots and pans on railings close by on the kitchen wall for a more rustic and functional look.

These can be saucers or small pans of different colors to add vibrance to the wall when added to the wall. Most importantly, they have to clean new pieces, or you can paint your old utensils in pastel or fluorescent shades before decorating. 

The colorful pots and pans bring a new freshness to the cooking area while making it look more happening and interesting. 

Kitchen Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard kitchen signs are perfect for adding some fun elements to your kitchen walls. These signs are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your kitchen. They are adding a feel-good factor to the entire kitchen.

They can be hung or placed on the countertop, depending on the size of your kitchen. With many walls in the kitchen, hanging is the best option. If there is a limit to walls, then place it on the countertop.

Signs can describe something about the kitchen, love for cooking, recipe of the day, diet plans, etc. Further, the chalkboard wall design is in trend and can update the kitchen in many ways. You can note your favorite recipe on it or can use it to plan meals for the week. 

The Dining Table

If you have an open kitchen space with a large area, then you can add a dining table too. There are numerous choices available for your dining table ideas. However, if you plan to buy a new one, round dining tables with cushioned chairs look comforting. Just consider your area before buying it.  

If you have good old chairs, paint or polish them and place a rustic table in between. Traditional or modern setting, it’s entirely your choice. If you want to save the area, you can place a trendy bench on the wall side of the table. Mix and match furniture look very excellent.


Take help from the above ideas and give your kitchen a new look. You need to find the best option within your budget to give your kitchen a stylish look. 

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