How to Fix 6 Common Sliding Glass Door Problems

Sliding glass doors are an excellent choice for anyone looking for ways to make their homes more energy-efficient. They allow natural light and clean air to freely flow into any room. Plus, they save you a ton of space in your home. 

Caring for your sliding glass door is an absolute must, especially if you want it to last long. Yet, there are some problems that homeowners can’t entirely avoid. 

While doing repairs on sliding glass doors can feel intimidating, there are ways to make the process much easier, even for someone with little to no experience in the area. 

Here’s how to fix six common sliding glass door problems: 

How to Fix Common Sliding Glass Door Problems

  • Cleaning Dirty Glass Door Rollers
  • Fixing Bent Tracks
  • Fixing Sliding Glass Door Catch
  • Replacing Rusted or Broken Rollers
  • Replacing Broken Glass
  • Fixing Glass Door Weatherstripping

Cleaning Dirty Glass Door Rollers

It’s ideal to clean your sliding glass door rollers at least once a year to keep the mechanism in tip-top shape. To do this, you need to remove the sliding glass door from the tracks. You can get help from a friend on this first step so you don’t end up breaking your sliding glass door. 

Once the door is off its tracks, use the following steps to clean the rollers: 

Step 1: Use a hard-bristled brush to loosen any dirt and debris from the rollers. Next, use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the debris from the door rollers. 

Step 2: Do the same thing with the door tracks: brush and vacuum. This removes dust and grime from the tracks that might prevent the sliding door from sliding properly. 

Step 3: Take some non-stick silicone lubricant and apply it to the glass door rollers and tracks.

Step 4: Put the door back in and test. The door should slide smoothly from side to side. 

Fixing Bent Tracks

Sliding door tracks can get bent for various reasons. When this happens, it usually means that your sliding door won’t move as smoothly as it used to. To fix the issue, this is what you can do:

Step 1: Remove the sliding door from the tracks. 

Step 2: Check if the tracks are all flat using a level. Tighten the screws to bring them all down to the same level. 

Step 3: Use a hammer to carefully correct the bent glass door track. Be careful not to overdo it so you don’t end up with more damage than you started. 

Step 4: Reinstall the sliding glass door. Try sliding it from left to right to see if you fixed the problem. 

Fixing Sliding Glass Door Catch

Another reason why your sliding glass door might not be closing properly is a broken catch. Over time, sliding door catches can get bent or worn down, causing them to stop working properly. 

To fix the problem, you can use a hammer to bend the sliding glass door catch back to its proper position. If this doesn’t work, it might be time to consider getting a new door. 

Replacing Rusted or Broken Rollers

Sliding glass door rollers can accumulate a lot of dust and grime over time. This can cause rust to develop on the rollers, in turn causing them to break and need replacement. 

You can buy a set of sliding door replacement rollers from any home improvement or department store near you. These replacement rollers often come at incredibly affordable price points. It definitely beats buying an entirely new sliding glass door. 

To replace broken rollers, call (407) 917-9060 or perform the following steps: 

Step 1: Remove the sliding glass door from the tracks.

Step 2: Remove the broken rollers and replace them with the new ones you just bought. 

Step 3: Secure the rollers using a screwdriver. 

Step 4: Lubricate the tracks before reinstalling the sliding glass door. 

Replacing Broken Glass

Broken glass on a sliding glass door can pose a serious danger to homeowners. Getting it replaced ASAP is the best way to avoid accidents and injuries. Contact a professional to help you with the necessary repairs. 

If you want to replace the broken sliding door glass yourself, you can follow this video: 

Fixing Glass Door Weatherstripping

If your home is feeling drafty all of the sudden, it may mean that the weatherstripping on your sliding glass door has worn down. Replacing the weatherstripping on your sliding doors can help solve the problem. 

Fixing weatherstripping on your sliding glass door won’t be easy. To ensure everything goes according to plan, hiring a professional for the job is ideal. Yet, if you want to do it yourself, here’s a quick video you can refer to: 

Final Thoughts On the Common Sliding Glass Door Problems

Sliding glass doors require a certain level of maintenance and care to ensure everything functions normally. Use these tips to keep your sliding doors in tip-top shape. We guarantee you won’t regret it. 

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