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How to Easily Make Sure Your Home Is Safe While You’re Away

If you are going away on vacation, it is imperative that you make sure your home is safe while you are out. This article will teach you how to do this, including providing information about installing locks, leaving lights on timers, or having someone take care of your pets. The following steps should be taken if an intruder is ever detected while you are away from your home.

Set Up Security Cameras 

CCTV cameras can help boost your home security while you are away by monitoring your property at all times, day and night. Folks at offer a range of security cameras that will secure your home. If someone were to break into your home while you are gone, they would be caught on tape. 

This could lead to faster arrests and convictions against criminals, potentially preventing future crimes from occurring across town. It also increases community safety by crime prevention via deterrence. Some studies have also shown that time spent on police surveillance decreases the crime rate because criminals are less likely to commit crimes when they think they might be caught. This is a win-win for you and your community.

The great thing about security cameras is that you can place them very discretely in your home, making it very unlikely for an intruder to even notice them. If possible though, try not to put one

Ensure You Put Off Electricity

Turn off all electricity, including the power supply for your home, and make sure all doors are locked. When out of the house, turn off all electricity at the power supply. It is sometimes possible to turn off electricity in your own home via a switch on the main panel, but since it’s not always easy to access this switch when you’re away, it’s better to just shut down the entire system. Turn off any appliances that use electricity such as air-conditioners and hair dryers, as well as lighting and any other powered appliances’

Commonly used household devices such as radios and televisions also use electricity, so it is best if they are unplugged while you’re away. Also, make sure to close the blinds and curtains so the sunlight doesn’t heat up your home or let anyone see inside.

Use Motion Sensors

Motion sensors and timers can be very effective in making a home look occupied while you are away. This can be especially useful if your vacation destination has no form of security, such as an alarm system or even locks on the doors. The first step is to place motion detectors outside all entrances to your house, pointing towards the door. 

If there is too much light near the sensor, cover it with some aluminum foil so that it will activate properly when movement occurs. However, since this would mean that it would also turn off whenever someone enters through another entrance (such as a window), install enough sensors to ensure optimal coverage of all possible paths into and out of your home. Make sure that they are still able to detect any movement around them.

Have Someone Take Care Of Your Pets

When going on a vacation, it is important to have someone come over to your house and care for your pets. There’s no use in installing expensive pet cameras if they will be left alone the entire time. One good idea is to have a trusted friend or family member feed them twice a day while you are gone so that they don’t become sick from not having proper nutrition. If this isn’t an option, hire someone else who can help out.

Keep Your Front Lawn Mowed 

Have someone mow your lawn on a regular basis. This is an easy way to make sure that no one can hide in some bushes near the road leading up to your house, which are prime spots for intruders. Also, having little vegetation but lots of sunlight makes it easier for your cameras and other sophisticated equipment you have set up to catch criminals on tape or monitor suspicious activity more easily.

Even if you are not using cameras to catch criminals, having the scraggly brown grass look signals that your house is vacant. This makes it much less likely for anyone to try and break into your home while you’re away.

Let Neighbors Know When You Will Be Away

Ask your neighbors to look out for anything suspicious while you are away. If they see something, they should call the police immediately ( do not wait until you get back to deal with it ). If you really want to make sure no one will try and break-in, install additional locks on all of your windows and doors before leaving. 

This can be a great deterrent to would-be criminals because it is very difficult for them to avoid being caught by cameras or for them to get inside if there are six locks preventing access instead of just one. Even better, ask trusted friends or relatives if they can go over during the day when you’re at work and put timers on all of the electronics in your house that might turn on without someone watching over them.

Put Everything In A Safer Location

Finally, make sure that all of your valuables and anything you want to protect at home are in a safe place while you’re away. If it’s not, then anyone can easily take them (which defeats the purpose of using timers and extra locks). A great way to do this is by putting everything into a bank safe deposit box or even just taking an extra key with you when you go on vacation. 

Also, switch up where different keys are hidden so that if someone does get their hands on one, they won’t be able to find the others without tearing your house apart. They might eventually find your most valuable belongings, but they definitely won’t find them all.

Set up monitored alarm systems, keep your front lawn mowed down so no one can hide near any roadways leading up to your house, have someone mow your lawn regularly, let neighbors know when you are going out of town so they can contact the police if they see anything suspicious happen, install extra locks onto all windows and doors in order to prevent would-be criminals from entering, put any valuables in a safe place while you are away, and lastly switch up where keys are hidden so that anyone who does get their hands on one will not be able to access the others.

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