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How To Build Yourself A Zen-Zone?

What are modern workplaces all about?

Maybe they’re about working under pressure. 

Maybe they’re about constantly meeting demands. 

Or maybe they’re about staying connected with the latest trends.

As observed, modern workplaces are often associated with more bad things than good.

Just by creating a bit of peace, calm, and focus in your work space, you could build an effective zen-zone.

Now, how do you do that?

10 Simple Ways to Create A Zen Office Space

1. Design a meditation room

Your employees might need some time to energize and rejuvenate. For this purpose, create a room specifically for meditation. Make sure they maintain silence and put their phones on silent mode. 

A workspace expert Ronen Olshansky himself said that every office space needs an area where employees can just sit still and recharge. There’s too much going on, and after all the time and energy they’ve spent towards your company, you could reward them with a calm space to get their thoughts in order.

You can even conduct guided meditation courses where you play soothing background sounds. Meditation preserves the aging brain! Find out more now.

2. Create a zen garden

We can help you create a perfect zen garden. We can install a wide range of live plants in your commercial space to create a home-like, welcoming vibe for your employees.

You can also encourage people to create their own mini zen garden. For this you’ll need colored sand, decorative trinkets, and mini trees (that we can help with!). You’ll also need a rake, a container, some essential oils, and stones. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Fill your container with essential oils and colored sand
  2. Place groups of stones and trinkets in various parts of your garden 
  3. Add your plants to the garden
  4. Finally, use your rake to make patterns in sand. Making patterns is an awesome way to practice mindfulness.

3. Serve calming tea

Or any fluids that help your employees stay hydrated. It’s hard to be mindful and stay focused when we’re dehydrated. Studies have actually shown that going 2 hours without water can be harmful to concentration levels.

According to research, green tea Phytochemicals positively influence mood and cognition. Learn more now.


4. Filter out noise

You could invest in noise canceling headphones. Or maybe consider building soundproof walls. Even better, get live plants installed in your workspace. These actually absorb and diffract sound plus look great, so that’s a bonus! Check out our plant installation services.

5. Practice yoga

Just like how you can set up a meditation zone, you can set aside a room for yoga as well. Yoga is an excellent way to practice mindfulness and keep the body active. Living a sedentary lifestyle is one of the major reasons for bad health conditions. When you encourage your employees to stay fit, healthy, and mindful, you can boost their productivity too!

6. Let some sunlight enter the room

Dull, dim rooms can make you feel dull and unproductive too. To build a zen-zone, it’s best to have natural sunlight in your surroundings. 

Regular exposure to sunlight increases serotonin levels, which in turn improves the mood and calms us down. 

Plus, natural sunlight helps live plants breathe and grow too. (Cue for you to install our plants)

However, If your room is positioned in a way that doesn’t allow sunlight to make its way, then invest in lighting that is soft and that creates a natural feel.

7. Declutter

Science says decluttering your work environment improves your focus and productivity. 

Our environments often affect our moods. If we’re in the midst of clutter, we’re likely to feel cluttered and chaotic too. Help your employees stay focused by getting rid of unnecessary items in their surroundings. Here are 6 easy ways to declutter:

  1. Remove each and every single thing from the shelves, tables, and drawers.
  2. Then, assess each item. Do you really need them? Try to categorize the items into: archive, junk, and keep. The “keep” items are those you need every day, the “archive” items are important but don’t need to be kept in direct sight, and “junk” items need to be disposed of.
  3. Rearrange your space if you notice constant decluttering. Maybe your layout is off, and the items you need aren’t easily accessible to you.
  4. Clean every day. Even on days when you feel your space looks neat and tidy, still make it a habit to clean. Daily maintenance is necessary to ensure long-term results.
  5. Use shelves and dividers wisely. Sometimes, we tend to throw away items in drawers without realizing it. With shelves and dividers, we get to be more mindful of the way we organize things in our workspace. 

 8. Keep a candle on every desk

Soothing aromas can create a calming effect on the mind. It will help your employees feel more at ease and present. And when they’re more focused, they can also perform better at work. So, it’s a win-win!

Have you ever heard of aromatherapy? It includes using live plants, essential oils, and plant oils to alter a person’s mood or physical, cognitive, or psychological well-being. To boost your business, you could consider using lemon, peppermint, and black pepper scents to improve energy and boost employee productivity.

 9. Take breaks

You must schedule enough breaks to avoid employee burnout. Try to schedule a minimum of two short breaks in the work day. During these breaks, they could go to the meditation zone, practice yoga, and maybe do some reading.

Some alternatives to meditation include listening to music, dancing and journaling. Each of these activities involve letting go of any pent up feelings. Zen philosophies are after all based on letting go, being mindful, and staying in the present.

10. Ensure smooth communication

It’s hard to practice mindfulness when your employees are stressed. One major cause of stress is miscommunication. When under stress or pressure, it’s hard to really find the right way to communicate. Try to keep communication lines flowing so that your employees don’t find themselves in an icky situation.

Practicing mindfulness at the workplace might sound challenging. But by religiously following the above, you can build your employees the perfect zen-zone.

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