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Horrible sleep? Maybe it’s time for you to change your bed – Your Guide

If you’re having trouble sleeping, you may believe it’s because of your loud neighbors or snoring spouse. Or because of that afternoon cup of coffee or glass of wine with supper. While all of this may be correct, the actual sleep-depriving cause may be right under your nose—or, in this instance, behind your back. 

Not sure whether it’s your mattress or your snoring companion that’s causing you to lose sleep? You should be aware of various indications, some of which are more evident than others. Others can simply be by glancing at your mattress, and others which you can only feel. You’re on the right plan if you want to know some of the symptoms of a faulty bed. If you’re having trouble sleeping because of one or more of these issues, it may be time to invest in a new mattress

You’re Tired When You Wake Up 

 You wake up feeling as if you haven’t slept at all even though you’ve received a total of eight hours of sleep. Does this ring a bell? It’s an all-too-common occurrence, and it’s not how any of us wants to start the day. It may not matter whether you’ve slept for eight or eighteen hours. If you sleep on a terrible bed, your body may not achieve the peaceful sleep stage that you need to wake up rejuvenated and ready to go. Many other possible sleep disruptions might be to blame for your poor sleep hygiene. So check out our awful sleep hygiene checklist before blaming your mattress for good. 


Certain meals, especially those that are rich, oily, heavy, or spicy, may cause upset stomachs. They can also cause excess gas and digestive problems. All of which can interfere with your overnight sleep. According to The Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Solution Review, diet can have adverse or positive effects on health.  



The amount of exercise you get and the amount of exercise you don’t get may affect your sleep cycle. Moderate daily activity promotes restful sleep. However, an intense workout immediately before bed may overstimulate you and have the opposite effect. 

Pre-bedtime routines 

Excess blue light exposure, coffee too late in the day, alcohol in the evening, and other highly stimulating activities should all be avoided before bedtime. Several sleep disorders may lead to poor sleep quality. If none of these appears to be the issue, it may be time to take a closer look at your mattress. Tossing, turning, and moving all night may indicate that your body is attempting—but failing—to find a comfortable sleeping posture. If you can’t find any warm, supporting corners, you’re probably in need of a new mattress. 

You’ve slept on the same mattress for more than ten years

Not all mattresses are created the same, but what is the average lifespan of a mattress? Some beds are built to endure at least ten years, while others’ quality may decrease around the seven-year mark. Mattress protectors are an efficient method to extend the life of your bed, but if it’s been decades since you’ve updated, it may be time to do so. 

Do you want to make sure your mattress lasts a long time? Take the following precautions: 

  • Clean your bedding regularly. 
  • Use a mattress protector or pad. 
  • Every three months rotate your mattress. 
  • Limit how much time your pet spends on your bed. 

If you’re wondering how to prevent your mattress from sliding during the night, make sure you have a sturdy bed frame or box spring. 

You’re Suffering from Muscle Aches and Pains 

Is it possible for a mattress to create bodily aches? Yes, absolutely! You may not be displaying symptoms of age if you wake up every morning with chronic neck and back discomfort, but your mattress could. Your mattress’s structure, hardness, and supporting properties may progressively deteriorate over time, denying you the restful night’s sleep you need. 

Or maybe you’ve always had a mismatch between your sleeping patterns and mattress firmness. If you have a mattress that’s too sturdy, too soft, or lacks zone support (hips, waist, lower back, upper back), it’s time to upgrade to a more ergonomic model that promotes better sleep from the ground up. The first step in determining whether a plush or firm mattress is best for you is to decide on your specific sleep requirements. Then you’ll want to try a mattress with zoned support. 

Your Mattress Appearance and Feeling Uneven 

If your mattress resembles a plate of lumpy mashed potatoes rather than a well-cushioned platform, it’s time for an improvement. If you can’t see this sort of mattress with your naked sight, you’ll feel it when you lie down. You can end yourself sinking deep into the heart of your bed or traversing an area of mattress ripples only to locate a flat spot to rest your back on. This might be the mother of all terrible mattress symptoms, with long-term implications for your sleep and general health. 

You can hear squeaks and creaks 

If there are no physical signs of a bad mattress to see or feel, you might be able to hear them. Squeaks, creaks, and even whines coming from your mattress could indicate a problem with your bed frame or a loss of tension in your bed springs. This isn’t just a bothersome noise that keeps you awake at night. It’s an audible sign that your bed isn’t cushioning your spine, and it’s one of the most noticeable lousy mattress signs. 

Consider a durable foam mattress or a hybrid mattress with foam and springs that will support you while you sleep and will be less prone to sagging and squeaking over time.  

If you find yourself sleeping in a different room or prefer the couch to your bed, it may be time to buy a new mattress. The same is true if you find that you sleep better on a hotel mattress while on vacation. Your bed should provide both comfort and support. It should allow your body to rest, relax, and recover completely. Discomfort is a common cause of difficulty falling asleep at night; studies show that simply replacing an old mattress can improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. 

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