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Furnace Repair New Lenox Review | Local Furnace Repair in New Lenox, IL

It is a good idea for residents in New Lenox, Illinois, to prepare themselves with furnace troubleshooting tidbits considering the bitter cold the state often contends with. One of the primary things on the checklist is to ensure that your system is serviced annually as a homeowner.

With a reputable service provider inspecting the system for defects and correcting these issues, plus doing a tune-up, there is less likely to need furnace repair in New Lenox, IL, in between these services. Perhaps if the homeowner fails to do their part with typical upkeep like changing filters and keeping the system clean, a defect or issue might arise, creating the need for a repair throughout the year.

The priority is having optimum safety and comfort in extreme temperatures. For that to happen, you need to recognize issues as they arise, meaning it is wise to self-educate on the furnace make and model and how to troubleshoot potential problems with the system in the early stages. 

It would help if you also learned a few DIY tips for simple fixes that do not necessarily need the services of a repair technician. As a rule, an HVAC is intricate and complex, with few DIY-worthy repairs. 

Still, there are a handful of homeowner tasks many need to be aware of that are often overlooked. Let us dive into some of these details.

Troubleshooting A Furnace in New Lenox, IL

Regardless of the age of your heating system in New Lenox, IL, the indication of how well it will function depends on the care and upkeep. If you are a homeowner in New Lenox following adequate upkeep plus employing preventative maintenance with a reputable professional service provider, you should enjoy winters without disruption and an extended lifespan. The priority is to know when an issue develops so it can be handled straight away before it develops into a significant problem. 

Performing adequate upkeep is one aspect of care, but it is essential to be aware of the unit’s performance. Hence, you know when it is not functioning optimally and can call for professional help to get it back to peak operation. Some things a homeowner can pay attention for that might be notable include:

  • Higher than average energy bills

A heating system that is in optimum working condition will function efficiently. That means if you are using it the same this month as you have the previous months or even the previous years, it should cost the same as it did then unless there were rate changes. 

If there are slow increases or spikes in the bills that continue to rise with each invoice with no explanation for the higher price points, there has to be a problem somewhere within the system. At that point, it’s reasonable to call a professional furnace technician to come for an inspection to find where the issue might be.

  • Temperature inconsistencies

When the house is not consistent with the temperature you set on the thermostat, instead, swinging between being either too hot or bordering on too cold, there is likely a faulty element with the heating system. The suggestion is that the unit has a fan motor problem or the potential for a damaged belt. There is also the possibility for a dirty air filter or parts that might have become worn. 

As the homeowner, you can check the filter to see if it is due for a change. Still, the other circumstances will need to be inspected by a professional heating specialist for a determination and correction.

  • Leaking gas

If there is any indication of a gas leak, you must immediately switch off the heating system, especially if the smell is coming from around the furnace. A leak can undoubtedly increase the chance of a fire starting in the home. It is vital to leave the house for safety purposes, contact the fire department and the HVAC professional.

The priority in this situation is safety. As soon as you smell gas in a house, take your mobile and leave the house to contact the fire department. All other calls and arrangements can be made after the emergency services have come and deemed the home safe.

  • Replacing/changing the air filter

A service call is not necessary for this task. This duty is part of a homeowner’s care and upkeep. Not maintaining clean air filters will result in poor indoor air quality, not to mention a considerable breakdown of the part that can lead to a possible fire risk. 

The filters should be changed out no less than one time each month, with washable filters thoroughly cleaned and disposables tossed out and replaced. Even though the recommendation is once per month, it is wise to keep an eye on these, perhaps once each week, to ensure they are not becoming filthy too soon.

  • Battery changes in the thermostat

Another homeowner’s task is to change the batteries in the thermostat at least once each year. The suggestion is to mark the calendar so you can do this whether they need it or not at the same time annually. 

It would be best if you also took the opportunity monthly to clean the unit free of dust and any debris using a soft brush or perhaps a cotton swab to keep it functional. Click here for DIY furnace repair to save a service call.

Final Thought

One element that a homeowner in New Lenox, Illinois, needs to be aware of with their furnace is the pilot light. A standard light will have a yellow tip with a blue body. If you notice a flickering yellow pilot light, it can denote a high carbon monoxide in the system requiring a call to the repair tech.

Not everything can be corrected adequately with repair services. In some instances, a furnace will need to be replaced, especially one with significant age or consistently showing inefficiency despite tune-ups and repairs. 

A reputable, well-established technician will guide you towards the most cost-effective approach for your heating needs.

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