Effective Ways You Can Get Rid of Large Debris

If you have been having renovations or repairs made to your house, then it’s very likely that there will be some kind of industrial waste left behind once the contractors have left. While it is possible to pay contractors to take waste and debris with them, they often charge an extortionate amount of money.

No, there are much better options for getting rid of construction waste than paying workmen to take it away with them. This post will explore this topic in more detail, offering a definitive answer for how you can get rid of large debris.

Hiring Dumpster

If the debris that you need to remove from your property isn’t industrial, then you can hire a small dumpster. After a home repair or renovation in addition to industrial waste, it’s also common for there to be a lot of other waste, too. It is very common for there to be plastic sheeting, packaging, and other bits of the waste left over. According to a service giving people the ability to rent a residential dumpster in Hampton VA, you can also rent large dumpsters which are perfect for industrial waste. You need to tell the service that you are renting a dumpster from what you intend on putting inside of the dumpster so that they can send you the right one. You can’t mix certain types of waste, since offloading points and landfills have restrictions.

Offloading Yourself

If you don’t have a lot of debris and waste to get rid of, then you might be able to put it into the back of your car and drive it to a landfill or dump it yourself. As mentioned in the previous section, offloading points and landfills have restrictions about what can be disposed of. Certain types of waste have to be disposed of in specific areas and separated from other types of waste. Make sure that you organize the waste that you are going to be disposing of into separate piles so that you can put them into the correct bins.

Removal Services

Removal services are a good option, although they can be expensive. If you aren’t interested in hiring a dumpster or getting rid of waste yourself, then before you go out and contact a waste removal service, be sure to reach out to the contractors who performed your home’s renovations or repairs and ask them how much they will charge to get rid of the waste that they have left behind. If they are cheaper, then hire them. If the removal service you have also gotten a quote from is cheaper, then obviously go with them inside.

Burying Them

A lot of people bury waste in their gardens. If the waste is not hazardous (i.e., chemical products) then you can bury it in your garden quite safely. Make sure that if you are burying waste in your garden that you know exactly where you are putting it. Also, if you are renting a house, then you are not allowed to do this. Burying waste in somebody else’s garden can get you into a lot of trouble. Your landlord could take you to court and sue you if you do this. You should also notify potential buyers when you are selling your house that waste is buried in the garden.

Repurposing Debris

If you are interested in DIY and home construction projects, then you could always repurpose the debris left behind in your garden and use it for other things. You may need professional tools to break apart large chunks of concrete or brick, however. If you are going to repurpose debris, then make sure first of all that it’s safe for you to do so, and then figure out exactly what you want to do. Remember: repurposing debris can be very messy. Make sure that you know what you are doing so that you don’t create an unnecessary mess.

Temporary Storage

Finally, consider investing in a shed (or moving debris into your existing shed). A shed is a great place to get debris out of the way temporarily. If you don’t have the money at the moment but will be hiring a dumpster in the future, then moving debris into your shed will get it out of the way and ensure that you are still able to enjoy your garden. If you leave debris in your garden then it will make your garden feel a lot less comfortable, not to mention make it dangerous for wild animals and pets.

Large debris can be a nightmare to get rid of. If renovations or repairs have been made to your house and debris has been left behind, then you should try to get rid of them as quickly as possible. A dumpster is definitely the best way of doing so, although if that’s not an option then you could pay a removal service to do it for you, or follow any of the other tips listed here.

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