23 DIY Mini Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

23 DIY Mini Christmas Tree Decor Ideas — Make these simple mini Christmas trees, perfect to include every year with your Christmas decorations.

1. DIY Mod Light-Up Trees

Make these simple light up trees and add a little shimmer to your Christmas.

2. 3D Aluminium Trees

Get a pair of scissors and some aluminium foil to make these classy little trees.

3. Mini Balsa Wood Christmas Trees

Balsa wood is an easy material to work with. You can simply cut it with a knife.

4. DIY Mini Wooden Christmas Trees

Add modern touch to your Christmas decor with these wooden trees.

5. Yarn Wrapped Trees

6. Simple Wine Cork Trees

Make super simple craft that takes less than 10 minutes — and you most likely have the supplies already on hand!

7. DIY Modern Christmas Tree Decorations

These modern little trees would make a perfect craft to do with your kids.

8. Fresh Mini Christmas Trees

Make the perfect miniature Christmas trees from wood round and branches.

9. Paper Christmas Tree Craft Idea

Strong contrast and bold prints come together to make these awesome cut paper trees!

10. DIY Gold Leaf Trees

dd some sparkle to your holiday decorations with these super simple DIY gold leaf trees. They are quick to make and fit in perfect with any color scheme!

11. Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Grab a few pine cones and a can of spray paint and you’re good to go with these ones…

12. DIY Porcelain Holiday Tree Lights

Made this easy holiday trees with modeling clay or air-dry porcelain. These light covers are so adorable you won’t want to put them away after Christmas.

13. DIY Yarn Mini Christmas Trees

Make mini trees out of yarn for windowsill decorations or ornaments.

14. DIY Christmas Tree Cones

Create these DIY Christmas Tree cones for ONLY 99¢! You’ll be amazed how cheap and easy theses Christmas Tree Cones are to create!

15. Yarn Tassel Christmas Trees

Make these pretty yarn trees that look fabulous because instead of wrapping them with the yarn, you can use yarn tassels to create the look of layers of branches. I love them so much!

16. Ribbon Christmas Tree

Make this DIY Christmas tree using left over pieces of ribbon – such an easy project yet so pretty! Who would have thought some ribbon tied to a twig could be so effective!

17. Burlap Christmas Trees

Make Christmas crafts of adorable burlap Christmas trees. Easy craft that just takes a few supplies and little bit of time.

18. DIY Green String Christmas Tree

That’s it! This DIY Green String Christmas Tree is so simple, inexpensive, & fun to create.

19. Modern Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree

It would make a great centerpiece for your holiday table or a welcoming piece for your entryway. The possibilities are endless

20. DIY Balsa Wood Christmas Tree

Make your own gorgeous Scandinavian wood Christmas trees.

21. DIY Concrete Christmas Trees

Here is a simple concrete Christmas tree decor project for all you minimalists at heart.

22. Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

Make this festive DIY Christmas tree plastic spoon craft!

23. Pom Pom Christmas Tree

How brilliant is this?

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