19 Awesome DIY Copper Projects for Your Home Decor

Add a touch of copper shine to your home!

1. Copper Pipe Tablet Holder

This copper pipe DIY tablet holder is so easy to make, and not nearly as expensive as you think it would be.

Copper Pipe Tablet Holder

via www.natalme.com

2. Copper Pendant Light

This copper pendant light will make a great center piece in living room decor.

Copper Pendant Light

via www.thegatheredhome.com

3. Copper Wire Leaf Decor

An easy DIY project that’s fabulous & functional! Use the photo tutorial to make stylish copper wire leaf decor that doubles as a jewelry stand​.

Copper Wire Leaf Decor

via liagriffith.com

4. DIY Copper Shelves

Display your plant collection on DIY copper shelves.

DIY Copper Shelves

via vintagerevivals.com

5. DIY Copper Clothing Rail

Your storage units can give decor value. Making a clothing rail from copper pipe certainly adds a lot to your decor.

DIY Copper Clothing Rail

via www.whogoeswear.com

6. DIY Copper Wine Rack

Add a new classy item to your home. Check this tutorial for a wine rack made from copper pipes.

DIY Copper Wine Rack

via www.ehow.com

7. Copper and Wood Shelves

Made a DIY project with wood to add more rustic style. Mixing copper and wood makes a winning combination of rustic and modern style.​

Copper and Wood Shelves

via treasuresandtravelsblog.com

8. Copper Pipe Drawer Pulls

Add modern trendy touch with copper accents in your house. Copper pipe pulls work especially well with dark, black or navy blue cabinets and dressers.

DIY Copper Pipe Drawer Pulls

via mountainmodernlife.com

9. DIY Copper Lamp

Add copper to your decor with this DIY copper lamp. Grab just a few pieces of copper wire and make a great frame for a lamp shade.​

DIY Copper Lamp

via www.littlehouseonthecorner.com

10. DIY Copper + Gold Foil Branches

Add some branches embellished with gold and copper foil for your table centerpiece.

Copper and Gold Foil Branches

via www.poppytalk.com

11. DIY Copper Pipe Floor Lamp

​DIY Copper Lamp to add a little modern beauty to your home!

DIY Copper Pipe Floor Lamp

via ispydiy.com

12. Copper Leaf Garland

Copper spray paint + leaves make for a gorgeous garland.

Copper Leaf Garland

via www.nicestthings.com

13. DIY Copper and Wood Hanging Light Fixture

Make this modern chandelier all by yourself with this Step-By-Step picture tutorial! Would you believe that it was made with copper plumbing supplies and a few items from Target?

DIY Copper and Wood Hanging Light Fixture

via vintagerevivals.com

14. DIY Copper Side Table

DIY tutorial on how to make copper side tables in less than one hour.​

DIY Copper Side Table

via madmoisell.com

15. DIY Desktop Organizer

Inspired by an Anthro find, here’s the easy and affordable DIY in a trendy copper tone.

DIY Desktop Organizer

via www.freutcake.com

16. DIY Gold Leaf Vase

Very interesting idea of repurposing a vase by incorporating a gold accent.

DIY Gold Leaf Vase

via sayyes.com

17. Industrial Chic DIY Copper Pipe Table Lamp

Industrial Chic DIY Copper Pipe Table Lamp

via monochrome-diy.de

18. Copper PVC Pipe Wall Planter

Looking for more whimsical decor? This copper pipe wall planter is certainly whimsical or even quirky.

It certainly makes the perfect focal point of room decor.

Copper PVC Pipe Wall Planter

via craftbits.com

19. Copper Fridge Magnets

You can add just a little bit of copper to your home decor without changing much.  Try to incorporate very small accents and make these copper fridge magnets.

Copper Fridge Magnets

via kojo-designs.com

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