19 Brilliant Ways to Decorate With String Lights ALL Year Round

​Make any space in your home one-of-a-kind! Using string lights is a great way to decorate your home so it looks beautiful and creative.

Add a magical charm to any space by decorating with string lights, they look amazing indoors and outdoors and can be used to decorate all year round.

1. Frameless Photos

Personalize classic string lights by hanging your favorite photos. Wrap the wire around nails or thumbtacks to suspend the lights.

When you’ve found your shape, hang the images by clipping mini clothespins over the wire.

2. Vintage Ladder

​Get the Scandinavian decor beauty in a minute!

Place an old ladder next to the mirror into your bold neutral hallway and decorate it with soft lights.

3. Patterns of Geometry: Lighted Headboard

Turn your fairy lights into statement wall art. Create whatever shape you want, display words in a pretty cursive font or recreate this intricate pyramid.

4. ​Firefly String Lights

Wrap the lights around interesting objects to create a focal point in the room!​

5. Light Up A Mirror

Wrap twinkle lights around a mirror for the perfect glow in your bedroom.

6. Geo Moon Light Sculpture

7. Soft Colored Light

The atmosphere beautified soft colored light.

8. ​Canopy Bed With Hanging String Lights

Create an illusion of canopy bed.

9. Spelling Out the Way You Feel

​Turn a string of lights into an illuminated wall sign.

10. Fairy Light

​String lights are always a good idea, no matter what the season.

Tweak a strand of existing lights by adding stars or snowflakes, then create a dramatic canopy across your hallway.​

11. String Lights Canopy

To seriously upgrade your sleeping situation, drape lights on top of your canopy.​

12. Minimalist String Lights

Hang a strand by itself for a minimalist ~arty~ vibe.​

13. Twinkling Reading Nook for Kids

​Give your kids a new place of their own with a bit of fabric and some twinkle lights.

Create a reading nook with a small hoop and tulle curtains adorned with string lights and some charming paper flowers

14. Bohemian Style Bedroom

Hang string lights from your ceiling over your bed, let them drape down low so they’re almost like little stars.

15. DIY Light Up Headboard

Create a light-up headboard on your own with some small string lights and a little crafting action.

Watch the full tutorial in the video below:​

16. Bed Canopy With Lights

Give your room the illusion of having lofty ceilings. You’ll need three curtain rods and some hooks to get started. Then, you can flood your canopy with string lights.​

17. Bedroom String Lights

Toss a strand over the back rungs of your bed frame for easy, instant mood lighting.​

18. Fairy Light Wall With Pictures

Hang your pictures on a string of lights. What a unique way to display family pictures, children’s art, or postcards. It’s simple and inexpensive, yet bold and fun.​

19. ​Create a Bedside Lamp

This is a perfect minimalist wall lamp. Since the bulbs are bigger, you could actually use it as a bedside reading lamp.

Create a Bedside Lamp Using String Lights
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