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Create Awe-Inspiring Outdoor Area with Stone Garden Statues

A white statue in the garden.

Having a house with an outdoor space is one of life’s greatest blessings. Especially nowadays when living spaces are decreasing – this is particularly true for cities, and I’m not only thinking of London as an example. With this in mind, you probably consider yourself lucky to have an outdoor space. You might even be on a mission to beautify your outside area with unique features that would leave those lacking gardens green with envy.

Sure, it’s undeniable it can be as big of an investment as furnishing and styling up the interior, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. The secret, believe it or not, lies in a few well-chosen elements that can make grand-scale changes, like the awe-inspiring stone garden statues that stand the test of time in popularity and durability.

Why Garden Statues? And Why Stone?

These are legitimate questions to ask considering there’s a myriad of garden décor and material options on the market, so I’m going to be as clear as I can with why these are my very suggestions. First let’s start with the bit about the statues.

It’s true, there are different ways you can take when it comes to garden décor, from using landscaping to your advantage with all the jaw-dropping flowers, paths, trees and grass, to opting for textiles for the garden furniture in the form of vibrant cushions and tablecloths. However, few can create a long-lasting impressive effect on the overall aesthetic as iconic stone garden statues with their unbeatable sophistication.

Moving on to the next question, unlike other materials in the example of metal, wood, and plastic, stone is a classic that’s been the main choice for statues for centuries. And with reason! Besides being a sustainable and non-porous choice that can withstand all weather conditions for years, it’s very stylish and brings about the beauty of ancient times when such statues were adorning the homes of the elites.

It doesn’t rust, it doesn’t age, and with some TLC it can last you for a looong long time. Then, there’s also the versatility which certainly shouldn’t be underestimated. If you’re up for bringing out the big guns, amazing, handcrafted stone garden ornaments of reconstituted stone created using traditional methods are your go-to choice.

If you’re up for something more affordable yet not less charming, fibre-clay sculptures that are indistinguishable from those made from real stone are a great alternative. The beauty of these is they’re just at home indoors as they are outdoors, so don’t be afraid to change things up every once in a while with the interior décor too.

How to Choose a Garden Statue?

Let’s be honest here and say choosing the right statue can be a burdensome experience. Sometimes more than you can imagine. But don’t let that talk you out of inviting one (or more) into your home or choosing on your own.

Handling basics such as the size and position of the statue are crucial to have in mind prior to beginning the quest for the ideal stone garden statues, and these two depend on the size of your garden as well as how great of a focal point you’re aiming for with the decoration. However, don’t overlook other aspects either to make the décor harmonious. This includes things like:

The Type of the Statue

You may not think this to be more important than the style, yet it can have a great impact on the overall result, so be careful with the choice. Some of the options you can expect to find are angels, deities, animals, gargoyles, elves, gnomes, torsos, head busts, and modern abstract forms.

Then again there are also the lovely sculptures with feeders and birdbaths that are great for bringing in more of nature’s beauty to your place. With so many options at your disposal, pick the statues out carefully instead of only focusing on what’s trending, while also considering the following aspect.

The Style of the Garden

You can’t choose something that doesn’t fit in the surroundings and expect to create a balanced outcome that others would envy. It’s like adding a gnome in a zen garden, where you could clearly use a Buddha statue instead.

A garden with a water feature could use an animal décor piece more than an abstract shape. You don’t need a professional landscaper or designer to tell you it takes considering the whole picture. Take the present aesthetics into account and select suitable stone garden statues for sale accordingly.

The Garden Plants

And, of course, if you have plenty of plants in your garden, be sure to take them into consideration as well. It may not seem all too important at first, yet they do have a say in the final decorating result. Plants can give you a hint whether you want something that blends in with the surroundings in terms of colour, or something that stands out by creating a contrast to the rest of the landscape.

Also, the plant size would steer you in a certain direction when it comes to choosing garden sculptures made of stone. As this specific décor piece is mostly used as a focal point, the last thing you want and need is overshadowing it with lush greenery, be it in the form of tall shrubs or trees.

When in doubt, do some scale testing with items like boxes to see how a specific size would fit in the designated area. This would also give you an idea if you can fit in more than one statue. Still, if this is the case, remember to avoid overburdening the landscape. Just because statues are welcome it doesn’t mean you should oversaturate and create an eyesore. The same can be said about mixing various styles – it’s simply a no. And as a final piece of advice, just pick out something you truly like and would love to look and marvel at every day.


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