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Common Pest Control Mistakes to Avoid: Tips from the Experts

Pest control can be quite tricky as it requires proper knowledge to do it correctly. That’s why many people end up making blunders when dealing with pest infestations by themselves. This can lead to severe consequences like health injuries. Hence, we have decided to prepare this article highlighting some of the most common pest control mistakes to avoid.

First of all, don’t try to do pest control yourself if you don’t have any experience with it. Most DIY methods are ineffective, and improper applications can do more harm than good. Moreover, don’t use pest control products without reading their safety guidelines first. Avoid using toxic chemicals and gas by yourself. And there are many more mistakes to talk about. Let’s dive in!

Pest Control

11 Common Pest Control Mistakes to Avoid

While performing pest control, there are several mistakes that you may make. These mistakes can often lead to serious issues. If you want to avoid them, learning about them will help.

1. Ignoring the Pest Infestation

Most of us don’t take pest infestation seriously at all. Instead, we tend to avoid the issue, thinking the bug will leave on its own. Meanwhile, the bug or rodent starts producing offsprings and increase in number. If they spread across your house, getting rid of them will become more difficult and costly. This is why you should act immediately after detecting any signs of pest infestation.

2. Going for Unsafe Practices

Some people may panic if they see these pesky bugs in their houses. And instead of trying to remedy the issue by yourself, you should consult with professionals before trying anything. For instance, if your house becomes infested by termites, then you can use a natural termite exterminator.

Using toxic chemicals and pest removal products can put you and your family in serious danger. And DIY methods like using rubbing alcohol to get rid of bed bugs pose a huge fire hazard. Moreover, pest repellents should be handled with care as they can kill other animals in the vicinity, like your pets. That is why you should avoid going for unsafe practices if you are unfamiliar with them.

3. Not Investigating the Cause of the Infestation

Many people don’t investigate the cause behind the pest infestation. Your home may have several entry points for the pests to crawl through. You can avoid this issue by sealing off any cracks or passages that the pests can use. Doing so can significantly reduce the number of pests and prevent any future infestations. For example, check your drainage system for any leaks or cracks, as most pests thrive around these places.

4. Not Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

Many people forget to clean out their home exterior and backyard when it comes to pest control. Old houses with cracks in them are more likely to attract pests and bugs. For example, bees might infest any concrete cracks.

In addition, you need to clean out the front and backyard of your house. If you have any trash lying around, dispose of it. Fill out the potholes that might host pests larvae. You can also plant insect-repellent trees around your home’s perimeter, like eucalyptus and tea trees.

5. Not Baiting After the Pest Population Decreases

People tend to stop baiting right after the pest population starts to shrink. This mistake can result in a resurgence of the pest. The pest control products will element the bigger-sized pests, but their eggs and offspring might still survive. Baiting should be set continuously to eliminate the pest. Whether it’s rats or other rodents, following up with proper batting technique is vital.

6. Not Following Up

Keep on checking for pests even after eliminating them from your house. That is because pests can come back if you don’t take preventative measures. Doing so will ensure they don’t return and spread out in your house again. Some common follow-up practices include keeping your abode clean, locating and sealing any gaps that may have caused the infestation, and ensuring there is no water accumulation around your area.

7. Doing the Pest Control Itself

Following DIY pest control guides from the internet may not always be the best solution. Because most of the time, DIY videos are used for advertising purposes rather than providing actual solutions. Moreover, there’s no guarantee of safety while using their products. This is why you should verify the authenticity of the DIY tips and solutions before using them. More so, severe pest infestation requires professional attention. It may not be possible for you to get rid of a large bug community by yourself.

8. Cheaping Out on Professional Services

When it comes to choosing professional help, many people tend to go with the cheapest one. Rather, it’s better to take a moment to go through all the service offerings. Check the company’s fliers, website, social media page, etc., for details about their service. Don’t cheap out; ensure that you get the best possible pest removal service. However, if you don’t want to incur the additional cost and have some experience with pest control, ensure to at least invest in the correct pest control tools before you start.

9. Not Evacuating the Premise

Pest control products are very dangerous. Ensure that you and your family steer clear of your home or area where the pest control chemicals are deployed. This also includes clearing out any pets that you may have. You and your loved ones can suffer severe health issues if you don’t. There were many cases of casualties and even death from exposure to pest control chemicals. Your best course of action would be to ask professionals when it would be safe to return.

10. Using Bug Bombs

We highly discourage the use of bug bombs. They create slow-moving fogs that contain toxic chemicals. Oftentimes, the bugs can become aware of the fog and quickly go into hiding. Bugs and insects like cockroaches can hide in wooden compartments, ceilings, and under carpets to escape from the toxic fumes. More so, their larvae and eggs stay relatively safe while only a few get caught up in the toxic fog. Overall, it’s a highly ineffective method of getting rid of pest infestations.

11. Not Recognizing the Pest

It’s easy to confuse one pest with another if you are not an expert on the matter. This can lead to you using the wrong solutions for the problem, which wastes your time and effort. Many kinds of pests look similar to each other, but you will need to employ different methods to get rid of them. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to call for expert help. They will quickly identify the pest and get rid of them for you.

Final Thoughts

These were the most common pest control mistakes to avoid! And now that you know about them, you can take active steps to stay safe when using pest control products. Always remember that pest control is dangerous and can lead to accidents if not done correctly. Don’t try to do it yourself if you are unfamiliar with properly handling toxic chemicals and gas.

Call in professional help and leave the pests to them. In addition, don’t forget to take safety measures when working with pest control products. Strictly follow their rules and guidelines to be safe. And you should stay away from your house for a few days after applying pest control solutions.


What is the Best Way to Prevent and Control Pests?

A: First, seal off any leaks, cracks, or openings through which the pests can invade your home by conducting a proper inspection of your house and its exterior. Next, dry any area where you see water accumulation. Pests love these places and usually conjugate around them. Also, keep your food in sealed containers, out of the reach of pests and insects. Lastly, keep your interior neat and clean.

What is the Most Effective Method Used in Controlling Pests?

A: Among all the methods used, chemical pest control solutions are the most effective ones. It kills off the pests fast and provides results almost instantaneously. But be careful when using chemicals for pest removal, as they can cause severe casualties if mishandled.

Which Pest is the Most Difficult to Control?

A: Bed bugs are the most difficult pests to control. They hide under the bed and come out at night to to wreak havoc. Cockroaches and termites are also considered hard to control because they have adapted to living indoors and are familiar with pest control methods.

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