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Transforming Tight Spaces – Cargo Trailer Bathroom Ideas for Every Need


Cargo trailers are a popular choice for building mobile havens, blessed with versatility and affordability. But when it comes to carving out a functional bathroom in a limited space, it can feel daunting.

However, that hasn’t stopped people from exploring options that elevate the look and functionality of their cargo trailers or RVs. Either way, the only constraint individuals have is regarding accessibility and ideas.

We will take away that issue by familiarizing you with a list of unique cargo trailer bathroom ideas you can get started with.

Renovating Smaller Bathroom Spaces

When traveling in a cargo trailer or an RV, there are two ways that things could go. You could have a large, spacious, and luxurious RV, or you could be stuck with a small trailer with very limited bathroom space.

We will tackle the latter situation first with some functional, space-friendly ideas:

1. Opt for Composting Toilets

A fully functional toilet becomes a luxury when you have very little space available for bathroom installation in your trailer. You’d find installing it hard and getting the most out of its functionality. The best alternative in that case is composting toilets, which are eco-friendly and don’t require a water hookup. The waste generated is transformed into usable compost. As much as this freaks or irks you, they are highly viable and hygienic.

2. Shower Stall Shuffle

Sometimes, with tight spaces, creating a separate shower isn’t possible. What comes to your rescue is a foldable shower bench and some waterproof curtains. The shower bench maximizes your floor space, and the curtains provide the necessary privacy.

3. Switching to Pocket Door Slides

Regular doors for bathrooms in a cargo trailer will eat away at half of the space available. A “push” or “pull” situation requires you to have enough space inside and outside the door. One of the easiest and most practical ways to save space is by switching to pocket door slides. They are convenient and disappear into the wall, saving you a lot of space.

Renovating Larger Bathroom Spaces

So, what happens when you have a large, luxury RV instead of a small trailer with barely functional toilet space? Besides the comfort and privilege of showering easily, larger spaces also give you a lot of options to work around.

4. The Spa-like Shower Experience

Most campers and individuals living the RV life spend their lives on the road. So, it makes sense that they’d want to splurge a good amount of money on their bathroom renovation. Adding a walk-in shower with a rainfall showerhead and a built-in bench is a luxury. This mimics the shower that you’d have in a standard home.

5. Installing Double Vanity

If your RV life is with your partner and family, you will not regret installing a double vanity that offers extra storage space and convenience. It also gives you the comfort of having space to get ready, store your essentials, etc., without losing things while on the road.

6. Install a Laundry Nook

Whether you live in a home, a cargo trailer, or an RV, laundry will pile up. Instead of having dirty clothes strewn across the RV, installing a laundry nook in the bathroom is the easiest hack. If you have the space and budget, install a washer-dryer combo inside the bathroom so you don’t have to hit a laundromat every time you wash your clothes.

Renovating Cargo Trailer Bathrooms on a Budget

A fantastic bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, one of the main reasons people opt for living in a cargo trailer is to save money, so it makes sense that you’d want to look for ways to renovate the bathroom on a budget as well.

7. Use Recycled and Reclaimed Items

No, we aren’t talking about a used toilet, but you can always repurpose and reuse barely used bathroom fixtures like showerheads, taps, etc. They are readily available at online marketplaces and yard sales for you to pick up. The good thing is that not only are they cheap, but they are environmentally friendly as well.

8. DIY the Plumbing Process

Unless you live in a highly high-end and luxury RV, there’s no point in hiring a professional plumber to install the bathroom essentials. Sometimes, you need to go rogue and try out things by yourself. Doing the plumbing yourself is one of the best choices for that case. This can save you a lot in labor costs.

9. Versatility is the Key

When transforming the space around your cargo trailer’s bathroom on a budget, you want to pick up pieces with multiple uses. For example, if you have kept a small folding table near the sink for convenience, it can double as a vanity or a drying rack in the future.

10. The Shower Pan Alternative

Instead of a pre-made shower pan, consider using waterproof vinyl flooring with a drain. This can be a more affordable option. This also makes the space more convenient to use, even if you have limited space to begin with.

Renovating Cargo Trailer Bathrooms as a Beginner

This section of the article will focus on tips you need to prioritize as a beginner renovator rather than tips or bathroom renovation ideas.

  • Start with proper planning. One reason people fail is a lack of planning, which isn’t something you want. So, measure the available space, sketch out the bathroom layout you have in mind, and then get to “building” things.
  • You can’t skip out on the waterproofing part when renovating your bathroom space in your cargo trailer. This is paramount. So, look for high-quality sealants that will fill in all the seams and joints in the bathroom to prevent water damage.
  • Another factor to consider is ventilation. Lack of ventilation increases the risks of mold, infection, and diseases.

Sometimes, you might not be aware of some aspects of the renovation or installation process. The key here is to be open to seeking or accepting help as needed.


Sprucing up the space around your cargo trailer’s bathroom doesn’t have to be bland or boring. The key here is to start with a solid plan and ensure that you inject your personality into the process. At the end of the day, you want the space to reflect you, be it through the colorful towels, linens, or bathroom fixtures that you have installed.

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