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Blocked Drain Problems

The amount of water and waste that passes through the average Australian household on an annual basis is significant. These are hundreds of thousands of litres (as seen on this web source), and for their transport and delivery through the plumbing system to be possible, the pipes must be passable.

In an ideal world, the plumbing system would work perfectly at all times. However, in reality, malfunctions such as drain blockages often occur, which can be a real nightmare. Although it takes time for something to accumulate in the pipe and create an obstacle for the water passage, most homeowners spot this trouble late, when additional problems such as odours, water retention or flooding appear.

Blocked Drains

What Causes Blocked Drains?

Depending on where the problem with the drain blockage occurred, the cause can be looked for in various things. For example, a kitchen sink can easily become clogged with grease and food residue. Even though they are organic components, grease and fat solidify inside cool pipes and just stay there. Over time, food scraps accumulate on them, and that’s the problem.

In the case of tubs and bathroom sinks, the biggest problem is hair and soap scum. When you shower or shave, all those sticky residues go into the drains, where they stick to the walls of narrow pipes or their bends. If you add the fatty components found in cosmetic products and the dirt you remove while bathing, the result is stiff clogs that can cause a big problem.

In the case of toilets, the problem can be too much toilet paper, nappies, and even solid items that simply get stuck in the drains. For example, your child can insert and flush a toy down the toilet. These items don’t make much trouble, but the mentioned matters deposit around them and clog the drain entirely. If the blockage problem exists further in the system, the reason may be dirt, leaves, ground, and even tree branches and roots.

The Dangers of Ignoring Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be a huge nuisance, but many people aren’t aware that this seemingly minor plumbing issue can lead to big problems. Not only is your plumbing system at risk but your health and the space where you live or work too.

In order to avoid these inconveniences, regular inspection and maintenance of the plumbing system is necessary. You can do this job alone, but if you don’t have the time and means for it, the experts from evermoreplumbing will provide top-notch service, prevent unwanted consequences, and give you peace of mind.

Flooding, Smells & Inconvenience

Besides the fact that a clogged toilet, sink, or tub can disrupt the functioning of your household, additional inconveniences in the form of a terrible smell and moisture come with that. And let’s not forget the danger of floods. The odour can often indicate a problem with clogged drains. If it’s reminiscent of sewage or feces, it is most often the smell coming back from sewage.

Simply, the wastewater contains all those smelly substances. When it’s not drained properly, it remains somewhere inside the sewage. Stagnant water smells odd, and that smell quickly gets back through the pipes and drains to your rooms.

Flooding is another viable risk, and it most often happens at very inconvenient times, for example, in the summer or at night. At one point, the passage of water completely stopped, and now it’s coming back or finding another way through broken pipes, loose joints, etc. In the beginning, it can be small amounts, but things can escalate quickly, and flooding can not only damage your property but also spread to other apartments.

Health Issues

Health Issues

Stagnant water attracts various pests that can be a serious health risk. Insects like mosquitoes, earwigs, termites, and even cockroaches love wet areas, so they can easily find their new home near your clogged drains. Smaller rodents like rats and mice also breed a lot near the water

Water draining slowly or not at all is a very fertile ground for the development of bacteria and microorganisms that pose a significant health risk. These microorganisms reduce the quality of water and air, and when they come into contact with your respiratory tract, they can trigger many respiratory problems, infections, allergies, and skin problems.

Structural Damage

Blocked drains not only bring a lot of inconveniences but can also be a huge impact on your budget. Not only can water flood your premises, but it can also cause hidden damage, the solution of which can be much more expensive and complex. And even worse, your clogged drain can cause third-party damage.

Water that can’t pass through the sewage will find a way out. It can be a small crack in the pipe through where the water gets into the walls. Thus, it can easily reach the supporting structure of your work or living space and weaken them. Besides that will entail costly repairs, it also endangers the entire home structure, posing a serious risk of collapsing and injuring someone.

How to Prevent Drain Blockage

The truth is, many plumbing issues can be prevented with regular maintenance and repairs. That way, you can spot problems when their repairs still don’t cost an arm and a leg. And to eventually prevent any of these from happening, you can do some simple things.

On the following link, find out which plumbing repairs you can do all alone:

For starters, you can avoid spilling all those cooking leftovers, oil, grease, and coffee grounds in your sink and dispose of everything that’s not toilet paper in your toilet. Then, put strainers on all drains in your home and clean them after every use. That way, you’ll stop solid matter, hair, soap, and other sticky matters from getting into sewage.

Blocked drains aren’t something you should neglect. These can threaten your property, budget, and health, and many people spot these problems too late. Luckily, all theseinconveniences can be prevented with regular plumbing checks and maintenance, but don’t forget the prevention either.

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