An Easy Guide To Buying A Good Water Heater For Your Home

Wondering how you can get an appropriate water heater for your home? The task of buying one can be daunting since there are many similar gadgets available on the market. However, with good details about what you are looking for, the buying process becomes easy. Here is an easy guide to buying a good water heater for your home.

Type of Water Heater and Fuel Source

First and foremost, it is vital to establish the fuel source before you purchase your water heater. The common types of units use electricity, hybrid, solar, and gas/propane fuel sources. Heating water in your home consumes about 20 percent of the energy needed in your home. On top of that, there are also different types of water heaters available on the market. Depending on your requirements for hot water, there are several types of water heaters you can consider for your home.

Regular storage models are the most common, and they use electricity. These heaters usually consume more power than other types of units. They consist of insulated tanks that store heated water to be used at a later stage. The other type of water heater that is increasingly becoming popular is the tankless type which provides hot water on demand. In other words, the system only heats enough water for immediate use. A tankless system is energy efficient and mainly uses natural gas. A hybrid or heat pump is another type of water you can consider for your household needs. A solar water heater is another option that can offer you long-term benefits.

Diagnose the Problem

Before buying a new water heater, diagnose the problem first with your current storage tank like leaks. Water leaks can lead to high energy bills or cause structural damage if left unresolved. There can be tons of resources available online but it is important to get a great resource that can help you perform DIY projects to prevent minor challenges you can address. When you identify the leaks, turn off the water supply and attempt to fix the issue. When you cannot fix it, you can call a professional or consider replacing the hot water tank.


While there are different types of water heaters you can get on the market, you should also consider the aspect of the brand. Whatever type of unit you want, do your research and see what different brands offer. Some are good and energy-efficient, but you should also consider the price. Better brands usually come with high prices, so shop around to get something that suits your budget. You can also read customer reviews to get insight into what other people say about particular brands before buying them.

Consider Capacity

The amount of water each unit can hold also determines the type of tank you can buy. Water is measured in gallons, and some units have larger volumes than others. Therefore, you should determine the amount of water you require in your home to get the appropriate heater. However, a tankless heater does matter about storage capacity. You should also consider the recovery rate of the storage tank. This refers to the amount of water that is heated while the tank is refilling. If you have a high water demand, then the recovery rate of your system should be fast. If you want a tankless system, check the capacity it can heat while the water is running. Follow the installation instructions and other recommendations by the manufacturer to get the best from your heating system.

Space in Your House

Another vital aspect you should consider when buying a water heater is the space in your house. These come in different sizes, so you must get correct measurements of the area where you want to place the unit. If you do not have sufficient space to accommodate a standard type, you can consider other options like tankless or solar water heater systems.


Checking if the water heater is easy to maintain is essential before buying them. Other units are complex and may be difficult to maintain. Some hot water tanks come with accessories that help to improve efficiency and safety. For instance, timers are designed to save energy, and other accessories like alarms and leak detectors help improve safety. They can alert you if there is a fault so that you can take immediate attention.

We all need water heaters in our homes, but different types of units cannot suit everyone’s needs. Therefore, educate yourself about how to get the best water heater that considers your preferences. Some of the factors that can influence your buying decision include the source of fuel, type, brand, capacity, and maintenance.

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