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Addiing The Feeling Of Real Luxury To Your Bathroom

Addiing The Feeling Of Real Luxury To Your Bathroom

The bathroom should be a place where you’re able to relax, let go of stress, and enjoy the simple pleasures, be it getting ready in the morning, sinking into a warm bath, or letting the shower do its thing in peace and solitude. The rejuvenating and relaxing effects of the bathroom can, however, be heightened with the right touch, and the feeling of luxury. Here, we’re going to look at how you can give your bathroom a truly luxurious feeling.

Always Keep Fresh, Warm Towels in There

Stepping out of the shower or bath, it can be an unpleasant feeling to remain wet for too long, especially if it’s a colder day. To that end, you should make sure that you always have warm, thick, and fluffy towels on hand to immediately sink you into a feeling of comfort. To that end, not only do you want to invest in quality towels, but you might also want to look at installing a heated towel rack. Not only can a good towel rack make sure that you’re always ready to be wrapped in warmth and comfort but, like a radiator, they help to heat up the room in general when you need it, too.

Consider Adding a Bidet

To someone who isn’t used to it, adding something like a bidet might sound like a bit of an odd move. Indeed, the prospect of being cleaned directly by a spray of water is something that can take some getting used to, but the truth is that in many places of the world, it’s commonplace and, for those who are able to install them, the vast majority of people find them much more preferable a means of cleaning. There are a lot of ways to position your bidet to make it fit naturally within the flow of the bathroom as well so, even if you’re not immediately used to it, it will soon become a natural part of the space.

Give the Walls the Care They Deserve

A lot of people choose their bathroom wall materials based on the practicality that they offer, making sure that they have waterproof qualities that can prevent them from attracting mold and dampness. Otherwise, you might find that wall designs can be a little lacking in a lot of places. However, if you know where you look, you can give your bathroom walls that are more engaging, more evocative, and can really lend to the ambiance. For one, wall panels are becoming a lot more popular, with cladding able to add new textures and feelings to the space. Otherwise, the right choice of artistic tile can really heighten the visual impact of your walls. A good feature wall allows you to keep it minimalist as well, as you don’t need to rely on art or any other extras to spice up the space.

Cut the Clutter

Keeping with that idea of making your space more minimalist, one of the things that can really spoil the peace of a good bathroom is clutter. If you have too many things lying out, all over your windowsill and visible shelving, then not only does it make the bathroom harder to clean by attracting more dust to get stuck in the nooks and crannies, but clutter does genuinely cause stress in people, as well. To that end, look at ways you can increase the storage in your bathroom, whether it’s by using vertical space to free up more room at your feet or using things like wicker baskets that can be stored beneath hanging fixtures.

Addiing The Feeling Of Real Luxury To Your Bathroom

Bring in the Light

One of the good things about cutting out the clutter is that your bathroom is going to look a lot more clean and fresh in the process. Open spaces can do that, and those spaces can be much better appreciated when the light is allowed to travel freely into the bathroom. Of course, there is also a clear need for privacy in the bathroom that needs to be balanced alongside it, so no one is suggesting you have completely open windows. However, opting for more slender window treatments, like slat blinds instead of cloth roller blinds, can allow you to adjust, and using frosted glass, whether it’s in the windows or as a shower door in place of a curtain, can allow light to travel the bathroom much more freely.

Consider Some Aromatherapy

As mentioned, true luxury is about steeping as many senses as possible in indulgence and relaxation, so that you’re much better able to immerse yourself in the space. The sense of smell matters just as much, or even more in a bathroom, considering its functions. As such, you can, for instance, bring in houseplants that can give it that fresh and natural smell. However, if you have a particular scent that you like about most others, then you may want to look at the prospect of getting an oil diffuser for the bathroom. Otherwise, as soon as you see or smell mold, you should act to get rid of it as soon as possible, or else that stale smell can start to permeate throughout the bathroom.

Take the Time to Sit

The bathroom is a practical space, where we wash, take care of our bodily needs, and get ready for the day. As such, it’s not a space in which you’re often spending a lot more time than you need, outside of when you want a nice, luxurious bath. However, adding the right seating can change that. A comfortable, compact seat that can be tucked away, such as under the sink, can allow you to enjoy some peace and comfort when you’re doing your makeup or hair in front of the mirror, so you don’t feel rushed in your own bathroom.

The luxury feeling of a bathroom isn’t about how much everything costs, nor how rare it is. It’s about paying attention to the details, and ensuring that you are able to steep all five senses in a sense of peace, relaxation, and indulgence. The tips above are just a few examples of how you could do that.

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