8 Top Interior Design Trends of 2022

Any new year brings tremendous changes, and 2022 is no exception. Interior design has undergone massive alterations, striving to become more practical and comfortable for people. We now pay closer attention to materials used for interior decor, making sure they are sustainable and good for the world.

So, if you’ve been thinking about designing your interior space from the ground up or just to jazz the area up, here are the top eight interior design trends you wouldn’t want to miss this year. 

Unique artsy items

Simple as they might seem, artsy items can augment any space significantly. The end of 2021 showed a tendency to craft unique visuals, mount them on walls, frame them, etc. But what are artsy items, exactly? Briefly, they are anything created on your own. Whether you have a knack for painting or taking photos, creating something extraordinary and making it a part of your interior design is what 2022 is about. 

Many may wonder if boosting the interior with homemade components is challenging. It’s not! Assume you want to craft a poster and place it over the chimney. In that case, you won’t find any better tool than this templates design free list. The great thing is that those templates are free; you can use any of the tens of hundreds of poster templates available on the page.

Retro elements

Whatever your space, decorating it with some vintage components will only make the interior refined, mature, and stylish. The retro decor has played a pivotal role in interior design for years for a reason. Who wouldn’t be impressed with retro colors like green moss or burnt orange and items like chairs and crochet pillow patterns, to speak nothing of Scandinavian furniture from the 60s and 70s? If you’re stuck for ideas RetroGeekery.com has some great starting points for your retro home.

Other than sturdy and massive things, you can decorate your space with smaller retroelements, such as lamps, travertine tabletops, drawers, etc.

Multifunctional area

The pandemic has forced us to stay at home or in your apartments for rent in indianapolis in and be able to incorporate several activities under one roof. And although strict limitations and lockdowns have waned, many people decided to continue to work from home. Working several months from home may not require changing the interior. But what about years spent working from home and years yet to come? It sure will stimulate you to make your space multifunctional.

Regardless of your occupation, diversifying your area is a must. Luckily, you don’t have to spend plenty of resources to decorate your place according to the latest trends. All you need is a bit of creativity, materials to DIY stuff, ladders, and platforms. This way, you will manage to build an interior to fulfill numerous functions.

Wood floor

Zigzagging, monochromatic, bright, dark – these are a few versions of wood flooring. What to choose depends upon various factors, like walls, ceiling, lamp, furniture, and many more. It’s hard to pick the wrong wood floor, and this is because you can employ various styles when choosing it. Even if combining different oaks looks odd at first glance, you may adore it once put in the dwelling.

It’s up to you what wood flooring to choose. Any type is voguish these days, so let your imagination run wild and select the unique wood you like the most, even if it’s pricey. 

Tactile walls

Pleasant by touching? Already trendy! Yes, it may sound strange, but this is a trend of 2022. Not only do people like curve lines, but they also love flutes and ribs on the wall. Ribbed elements are installed on walls because they make the latter tactilely unparalleled; every time you touch the wall, it will provide you with beautiful feelings. 

Besides touching, ribs and flutes improve the interior’s look. They endow the space with stunning notes, creating exceptional patterns impossible to go past without touching. 

Minimalism and Eastern notes 

Minimalism has been fashionable for years because it makes people’s lives easier and more accessible. Other than its affordability and trendiness, minimalism helps you get through tough days without disturbing you. 

If you still wonder why many opt for minimalism, get this: it’s nearly impossible to fail in decorating the space following a minimalistic style. Straightforward lines, simple colors, herringbone floor, and Asian elements are all you need to make your interior exciting and uncomplicated.

Green walls

Many people encounter a dilemma upon barging into 2022. Their problem is how to make a space trendy but with a few to no plants? After all, the green color is viral now, but it may be hard to compensate for the green color without having plants. Surprisingly, the solution is elementary. Green walls are the way! 

If, for some reason, you can’t get houseplants, try painting your walls green. It will make your interior look cool and eco-friendly.

Earthy tones and greenery

The combination of earth colors, wood furniture, and greenery is yet another interior design trend of 2022. Many people want to spend more time in a so-called ‘cabin setting’ and a genuine outdoor atmosphere. 

Moreover, earthy tones paired with houseplants fill the area with coziness and tranquility, so even living in a hustle-and-bustle city can become less stressful with this interior. 


Provided are top-notch interior trends of 2022. However, trends come and go, and you never really know what will be in the limelight. The best way to find a top trend is to track the industry and analyze what elements may pertain to a specific area. 

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