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8 Must Have’s For An Amazing Off The Grid Camping Trip


Camping is a fun activity most people do to escape the pressures of living in an urban city. Some campers are off the grid to make the experience more authentic. That means leaving behind gadgets like phones and laptops. It’s a fantastic way to feel more attuned to nature and get a much-deserved social media cleanse. 

Every camper needs the right tools to survive a night or two outdoors. If it’s your first time camping, check out this article. This list should give insight into what items you must bring on your trip.

1. Solar Panels And Generators

Even if you’re going off-the-grid, you have a few electronics to choose from to help you out in the wilderness. These devices need charging after a few uses or when their batteries drain. A camper should have a ready stock of batteries. But generators or solar panels can provide camps with enough energy to last you throughout your stay. 

Before you buy some for your trip, you must know how to use solar panels for camping. Fortunately, they’re not as complicated as they seem. They’re also an ideal battery for off-the-grid campers since you’re receiving energy from a natural source, the sun. 

Generators are excellent for low and high-energy appliances like stoves or air conditioners. They’re often slightly bigger and bulkier. So, only bring them if you’re willing to lug them around.

2. Light Sources

Flashlights are essential items for every camper. You can’t always rely on a bonfire; it can sometimes get pitch-dark outdoors. In such cases, a LED light is your best friend. They don’t consume too much energy and offer enough illumination in the woods. 

Headlamps are the perfect alternative if you don’t like holding things all the time. Strap it around your head, so your hands can pick up other objects.

3. Camping Tents

Tents are a must unless you’re going camping in your RV. It should be durable enough to withstand strong winds and heavy rainfall. Insulation is also vital. You never know how low the temperature will drop at night. 

A sleeping bag is an indispensable item on any camper’s checklist. Not all tents provide enough warmth. That’s why it’s best to compensate with thermal sleeping bags to keep you warm while you sleep.

4. First-Aid Kit

Every camper should have a fully-stocked first-aid kit. Even seasoned adventurers are prone to accidents outdoors.  

Most places that sell travel-friendly first-aid kits contain the necessities like gauze bandages and hand sanitizers. But you can always add more content if there’s still space or some items are missing.  

If you or someone in your camping party typically gets sick while on vacation, remember to include what they need to feel better. It could be antihistamines, motion sickness remedies, or chewing gum.

5. Food And A Water Purifier

A truly off-the-grid experience will call you to fish or hunt for food. However, most campsites prohibit campers from harming local trees and wildlife. The next best option is to bring non-perishable food items for you and the whole group. Anything that doesn’t require refrigeration, like canned food, should be fine. But feel free to bring a heavy-duty cooler to keep other food cold and fresh. 

Also, bring enough water for camping. Outdoor water sources like rivers and lakes don’t always provide clean drinking water. It’s best to have portable water purifiers to make safe drinking water. Water bottles are also great tools, especially if the water source is far from your camp.

6. Multipurpose Tools

Fire is not only a symbol of camping; it’s a necessity. A decent bonfire offers multiple benefits: heat for warmth, cooking, and keeping bugs at bay. But starting a fire after gathering dry firewood and kindling can be challenging. That’s where a fire starter kit comes in handy. 

Your fire-starter kit should have waterproof matches, a tinder, a lighter, a flint, and steel. Modern ferro rods are adept at making sparks if you prefer those. They’re also more durable and last for years. 

You should also have a pocket knife on hand. Pocket knives have helped many campers who didn’t bring kitchen knives to cut their food. You can even use it to open the canned food you brought.

7. Portable Toilet And Shower

Not all off-the-grid camping sites have clean toilets or any at all. You can answer nature’s calling in the nearest bush like some people. But it’s generally unclean and unsafe. A portable toilet will solve that problem.  

Most types you’ll see in the market look like a simple plastic toilet seat-and-bucket hybrid for maximum portability. However, you may find ones with an exclusive tent for privacy. Whichever you choose, make sure you correctly dispose of the waste in designated areas. 

It’s also great if you have a portable shower. Some options only feature a bag or pouch for water connected to a hose and shower head. But if you prefer more privacy, consider a shower tent. You can even put your portable toilet inside when someone needs it.


8. Proper Clothing

Lastly, all campers should wear the right outfits outdoors. Your clothes should always suit the weather at the campsite. Clothing is one of the essential camping things you must remember.  

Generally, you must bring a rain jacket, moisture-wicking clothes, and waterproof footwear. It’s crucial to stay dry and warm when camping in the mountains or during winter. But you could also bring beach-appropriate clothing if you plan to go swimming.

Camp With Care

Going off the grid shouldn’t mean sacrificing safety and comfort. Your camping activity should be fun and worthwhile no matter where you go. Even without electricity or phones, you can still enjoy the outdoors with the right gear.

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