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7 Ways To Stay Cool When Temperature Rises

When things begin to heat up outside, you need to find ways to stay cool. Finding respite from the increasing temperatures is imperative for your comfort and health. Luckily, there are several easy and realistic solutions to help you cool off. Keep reading to learn more.

Install Air Conditioning

Install Air Conditioning

Whether you do not have room for an outside air conditioning unit, the noise from outside prohibits you from opening your windows, or you simply do not want one, you still have an effective choice for keeping cool indoors. You should consider installing a residential air conditioning without an outdoor unit.

An air conditioning unit that does not rely on an outdoor component is the ultimate in freedom of choice. You get to be cool and comfortable in your home while utilizing an air conditioning unit with a much smaller footprint than a traditional unit. In fact, this unit will be conveniently mounted on your wall to maximize airflow and eliminate interruptions in your floor plan.

Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are the unsung heroes of helping to cool you off. They work in tandem with your air conditioning or the cool outside air when the windows are open by moving the cool air to where you are.

If you do not have ceiling fans installed in your home, contact a licensed electrician for a professional installation. They can help you find the appropriate size for each of your rooms. When shopping for ceiling fans, consider models with an integrated light kit and a remote. These features will add functionality to the fan and make it easier to use.

Watch this video to learn how to set your ceiling fan depending on the season. FYI, you can use your ceiling fan in the winter to help circulate the warmer air. This knowledge will help you extend the usefulness of your investment.

Strategize the Fresh Airflow

If you like fresh air and the scents of the great outdoors breezily wafting in through your windows, you are in luck. Just because it is hot outside does not mean you have to forgo fresh air altogether. Instead, be strategic about how you utilize your windows.

Close the windows and blinds during the day and open them at night if the temperatures are cool enough. Repeat this process daily to block out the heat during the day and take full advantage of the cooler air throughout the night. Allowing fresh, colder air to circulate in your home will help keep it nice in the morning before the sun beats down on your home and inevitably heats it up.

Use Free-standing Fans

Small fans that you can place around your home help circulate the cooler air from outside your open window. They come in a wide range of sizes, including taller tower fans that operate via remote. If the outside air is comfortable enough to open your window but a breeze is lacking a portable fan will do the trick.


As you go about your day when away from the air-conditioned comfort of home, you should have a personal fan on hand. They, too, come in many sizes to fit your purse or day bag. Choose one that is battery-operated or charges via USB. You can even find ones with an integrated mister for the ultimate feel-good moment to beat the heat.

Stay Hydrated

You probably already know that you are supposed to drink water throughout the day. Carrying it with you is the easiest way to accomplish that objective. When the temperatures soar, however, staying hydrated is essential for your well-being.

During a heat wave having your handy water bottle filled and at the ready is more than necessary – it can be life-saving. This is especially true if you are spending time outdoors in the heat. And, a very humid day will sap you of your energy in addition to requiring you to take in more fluids.

Select a water bottle that is easy to carry, easy to clean, and easy to fill up. All of these specifications will lend themselves to a reduction of excuses for not having the water bottle with you wherever you go because you have made the process effortless.

Wear a Hat

Hats can do a lot to fend off the heat by blocking your face, the back of your neck, and your entire head from the sun’s rays. While any hat will provide you with some relief, some are better than others.

Look for a hat with a wide brim and breathable and wicking fabrics, regardless of your gender. There are certainly some styles that skew stereotypically one way or the other, but there are also quite a few that are available across any category. Boonie hats and wide-brimmed bucket or fishing hats are great choices and tend to pack and wash well.

Use a Cooling Towel

If you have not heard of cooling towels, it is time for an introduction. The main premise of the cooling towel is that it is a flexible towel that you get wet with cold water, ring out well, and then wrap around the back of your neck. The object of this little towel is to keep you cool and lower your body temperature. It is effective during a workout, after you have finished exercising, or on a hot day.

Cooling towels are easy to use and they travel well. All you need to do is find one that is suitably sized for your body. Pick one or multiple to mix and match with your wardrobe or blend in seamlessly. The easiest part of these pieces of fabric is that all you need to reinvigorate their effectiveness is to find cold running water.

Cooling Towel

Take these helpful ideas and incorporate them into your lifestyle. A little effort will go a long way to keep you refreshed and in good spirits. Schedule your air conditioning installation, find a fan and hat that works for you, and try a cooling towel. You will be amazed at how a few life changes will bring you comfort. And remember to drink water!

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