7 Tips to Properly Enjoy Your Bathroom Time

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. Aside from using it for the apparent reason, the bathroom is also where we wash our hands, teeth, face, and body. Most modern homes have shower cabins, while some still use the traditional bathtub method.

Whichever you prefer is great. However, the little things are making the bathroom a place of enjoyment. The size of the room isn’t as important as it is to create the comfort and coziness crucial to feel relaxed in it and enjoy while taking a bath.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips to improve the bathroom and spend every moment inside happy. Keep reading if you want to learn some tips and tricks about doing this, and fall in love with your bathroom the first time you walk in.

1. Big mirrors over the sink

Most sets for this part of the bathroom will have only a mirror big enough to see your face and rarely be bigger than this. If you want to enjoy the time spent in this room, you want an oversized mirror.

Get yourself a big mirror. You want to see your entire body in this mirror. Yes, you only brush your teeth or wash your face here, but we often try to make final changes before going out, and there’s no logic to make corrections on your face or hair here and then go to another mirror to see how you look entirely.

2. Essential oils when taking a bath

Essential oils can turn an ordinary bathroom into something that resembles heaven. Instead of using it as it is, you should place a dispenser somewhere suitable and insert an essential oil of your choice. Mind the options because all essential oils have different effects.

This way, when relaxing in the bathtub, you’ll feel the scent of something you love. This aroma can make you relax even more and help you enjoy the time in the bath entirely. When you’re done with your bath session, you’ll come out a different person – calm, happy, and full of energy.

3. Bathtub that fits you

Many contractors try to save on the living area when creating houses by cutting from the bathroom and making the rest of the rooms bigger. This leads to only having a shower in the bathroom, and if there is room for a bathtub, it has to be small to fit inside.

If you enjoy bathtub time, you should consider renovating and finding a way to make changes. You can take some of the bath furniture and rearrange the items to get enough room for installing a bathtub that will be big enough for you.

4. Oversized shower head for those who prefer showering

Most standard showers will have ordinary shower heads that will simply put, do the job. They won’t provide enjoyment, but they will do the job. If you don’t want to accept something that will simply do the job and you want to enjoy yourself, you should install bigger and better shower heads.

These shower heads often have multiple functions that can provide massage, deep tissue stream, etc. They also cover a much wider area and will have better pressure on the water that you can control. They are better in every sense of the word.

5. Big-enough tinted windows

What’s a bathroom without windows? The feeling when you watch the snow outside while you’re enjoying a hot steaming bath is something to live for. If you have no windows or small windows only to let some sunlight inside, you’re missing a lot.

Renovate the place and remove the old window, only to replace it with a big oversized portal with tinted glass that will be transparent from your side, but others won’t be able to see inside. You’ll enjoy the view, while the outside world won’t be able to see you.

6. Soft and cozy mats

You don’t want to step over cold tiles when you step out of the shower or outside the bathtub. Not only are they cold, especially in the winter if you don’t have heating for them, but they are slippery, and you may slip and fall.

Get yourself cozy mats to cover the area. Make sure they are soft and luxurious and enjoy the time spent in your bathroom. Experience moments that make you ecstatic and will make you want to return as soon as possible.

7. Cabinet with fresh, clean towels

Is there anything worse than getting out of the shower or the bathtub, and there’s no towel to dry yourself? It’s not something you’d want to experience, so an essential item for your bath is a cabinet with clean towels.

If you need to take something out, take it out, but always have a designated place for your clean and soft towels waiting for you when you come out of the shower. Don’t forget to fill it up once in a while, though.

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