5 Ways Your Garage Door Can Add Value To Your Home

Garage doors are significant parts of any home. The question is, how does a garage door add value to your home? A garage door is both an aesthetic and practical component of your house. You likely utilize your garage door daily, and when it is not in use, it comprises a massive space of your home’s facade. With christian garage doors, we help you understand the value of your home.


See these five ways how a new garage door will add value to your home: 

1. It improves the curb appeal of your home.

One of the reasons homeowners want to upgrade their garage door is to enhance its appearance. Your existing garage door may look damaged or old. A new garage door will restore your house and match its style. With the garage often including most parts of your facade, a new garage door will change your home. 

Enhanced curb appeal is significant for your home. You want a beautiful home to go home to, but what about when you want to sell it? Does a new garage door add home value? Of course, it does! 

2. It enhances the safety of your home. 

Inadequately maintained garage doors and garage door opener systems can become harmful. That places you, your family, and your things at risk for damage and injury. And it shows how you poorly treat your home. 

To assure the safety of your garage door for your home and prospect buyers, ask for expert maintenance and repairs. It will verify if you need a new garage door or garage door opener. You can learn more at agsmartgarage.com about how professionals can help with garage door safety and repairs. Contact an expert garage door technician if you see these problems with your garage door:

  • The garage door is not opening or closing: If you attempt to open your garage door and it partially moves or does not work at all, your garage door is unusable. An expert will check your garage door to see if you have a problem. 
  • The garage door creates loud noises: Popping, grinding, or other weird noises coming from your garage door are indications of problems. There could be a problem with the alignment of your garage door system or garage door springs. 
  • You have a sagging garage door: A sagging door could be an indication of an unbalanced garage door. That makes a harmful situation where the springs that help your garage door lift and close could snap at any time. The door could fall, posing harm and threat to you and your family. 
  1. It adds security to your home. 

A garage door acts as a point of entrance and exit to your property. You store many valuable items in your garage, from equipment to cars. It may even provide easy access to your home. Never let anyone break into your garage because you have an old, outdated garage door. 

So how does a garage door add value to a home when it comes to security? When you purchase a new garage door, it shows that: 

  • You secure your property: A garage door with security features is excellent for everyone at home. It shows care for the look and security of your home. Potential home buyers will appreciate your efforts in putting details to attention. 
  • You care for your potential buyers: Ensure that your garage door demonstrates security to potential buyers. It will show you care about their safety and security. They will feel you want the potential buyers to be happy and safe in their new home. 
  • You give your potential buyers fewer things to repair: Many homebuyers want a turnkey home that they can move in and start enjoying immediately. If they notice a damaged garage door, they will look at it as something that needs time and cash to repair.

3. It improves energy efficiency

New garage doors are energy efficient. They have insulation, which keeps outdoor air outside the garage. Therefore, it keeps your garage and the rest of your house at a convenient temperature. An insulated garage door is beneficial for attached garages. When purchasing a new garage door, look for brands or models with weatherstripping and a high R-value. 

The R-value defines the thermal resistance or how well the insulation material can withstand conductive heat flow. The higher R-value the material has, the more efficient insulation you have. R-value relies on the insulation type and its thickness and density. For some types of insulation, temperature, moisture, and age can also affect the R-value. 

An extra advantage of a garage door with excellent insulation is that it lessens the sound from outside and makes your entire home and garage quieter and easier to appreciate. 

4. It secures what you have inside your garage

A garage door improves the value of your home by keeping everything in your garage protected. Whether you use this space for keeping everyday equipment, piles of essential files, or your cars, you want your belongings safe. Enhancing security and energy efficiency with a new garage door is the beginning of many benefits.  

A new garage door can have an enhanced seal along the top, sides, and bottom of the door. The weatherstripping will keep the security and energy efficiency of your garage. In addition, weatherstripping can keep out water during floods and secure your garage and stuff inside from water damage. Weatherstripping with a tight seal also hinders pests from infesting your garage, protecting your things inside. You can use those advantages as positive points for your potential homebuyers. 

In Conclusion

If you want to increase the value of your home, an excellent and new garage door is proven to provide a return on investment in many ways. Whether to ensure your home makes a perfect impression or to keep warmth in and sound out, a new garage door excites your potential homebuyer. Upgrade your garage door with Family Christian Doors. We help you choose the best models with our professional garage door technicians. Call us now for more details. 

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