5 Ideas For Brightening Up The Room

If your room lacks light exposition, you can use some tricks to fix it. We’ve gathered the most effective ones involving painting and decorating. Read more about how to create the impression of brightness.

Low light exposition is a common problem in big cities, but not only. Also in small towns, especially those with medieval roots, light is often in short supply. Narrow streets, low ceilings, small windows – all these factors do not make it easy to provide the room with sufficient light exposition.

If you cannot carry out a general overhaul, there are other ways to make your room feel brighter. Here are some ideas worth trying out!

#1 Paint all white

That’s the most common and the easiest way to brighten up the room. Going for intense colors or dark shades will intensify the sense of underexposure, so we recommend sticking to either white or beiges. To achieve a modern, layered effect, we recommend covering your walls – one or two – with brick or wooden panels and painting them white. It will look stunning, we promise!

#2 Introduce mirrors

Mirrors make the rooms feel more spacious than in reality, and if they are used thoughtfully, they can also brighten up the room. Try to find a spot for it where it can reflect the window – this way, you’ll invite the sun without reorganizing the space.

#3 Skip the curtains or choose the bright ones

This little detail really makes a big difference! Even the blackout curtains are available in bright colors, so you shouldn’t have sleeping issues during the night.

#4 Search for transparent furniture

The more transparent materials, the better! We recommend equipping your room with some transparent chairs made with plexi or an all-glass coffee table. Some acrylic furniture has a beautiful terrazzo effect – that adds a beautiful touch to their transparency.

#5 Choose the right rug

You most likely will not want to exchange the floor – but you can do something else to brighten up the room. That is investing in a large beige fluffy rug. It may not be the most practical choice in terms of cleaning, but it makes the room feel brighter instantly. On the other hand, painting the wooden floor white may also be a good idea.

#6 Introduce a glass wall

If the wall can be put down, consider replacing it with a glass division – a trendy solution that doesn’t interfere with the natural light flow. It also gives the space a lofty vibe. Ask your home painting and decorating specialists about the available options. You can also use grainy glass or spaced wooden panels to let the light flow naturally while maintaining some privacy.

Article prepared in cooperation with Ignas Limited – painters London.

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